Summer Solstice 2020 a.y.p.s. – new releases out now!

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At special time of the shortest night in the year, which comes tonight, we proudly present our new releases!


SIVYJ YAR / STWORZ – “Неизбежность / Wiecznica”   Digipack CD

Excellent Atmospheric Black Metal from Russia and Slavonic Heathen Metal from Poland. Split release.                        

STWORZ – “Nektar Inspiracji”   double-CD

Slavonic Black Metal from Poland. Compilation gathering two first albums.

POHJAST – “Downfall”   Digipack CD

Atmospheric Black/Doom Metal, created by international line-up with members of Loits, Thesyre, Moonsorrow, Akitsa and more. New album.

WĘDRUJĄCY WIATR – “Tam, Gdzie Miesiąc Opłakuje Świt”   Digipack CD

Excellent Atmospheric Black Metal from Poland. Reissue of debut album.


All already available at our shop.

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