New releases and mailorder update.

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The 2nd of february – the day when Winter meets Spring for the first time, the border day between Winter and Spring.

During this special time we proudly announce new releases from us:


Vinyl version Severoth’s debut album. Limited to 300 copies, 200 black and 100 transparent blue.


Ancient Black Metal from Poland. Second album.


Radical Black Metal from France. Compilation release.


Radical Black Metal from France. Compilation release.


CD edition of previously available on vinyl only, compilaiton of French Black Metal elite.


Great Atmospheric Black Metal from Ukraine. Debut album.


Besides new releases, we made large shop update with following items:


Bilskirnir / Front Beast ‎– …And The Birds Chant Died With The Light / Hidden Black Wisdom 7″
Duch Czerni ‎– Widma Czarnych Dusz 7″
Necrostrigis ‎– Sinister Fire’s Rituals 7″
Via Dolorosa / Nation War – Sah / Key of the Creation 7″


Abigail ‎– Intercourse & Lust
Abigail / Nocturnal Damnation ‎– Sacrilegious Fornication Masscare… Filthy Desekrators!
Abigor ‎– Höllenzwang-Chronicles Of Perdition
Abusiveness ‎– Krzyk Świtu
Adytum ‎– Consecration
Asmund ‎– 11.02.17
Anaal Nathrakh ‎– Domine Non Es Dignus
Anaal Nathrakh ‎– Eschaton
Anaboth ‎– Ścierwo O Bruk
Ar Freiheit ‎– Ar Freiheit
Auðn ‎– Farvegir Fyrndar
Azelisassath ‎– Total Desecration Of Existence
Azelsgard ‎– Confraternity Of Lawlessness
Batushka – Live in Poland
Beorn ‎– Triumph Of The Will
Besatt – Anticross
Bilskirnir ‎– Lost Forever
Blood – O Agios Pethane
Blood Of Kingu ‎– Dark Star On The Right Horn Of The Crescent Moon
Blutfahne / Walsung ‎– Transcendental Creation
Blutgrund ‎– Essence From The Dark Past
Bound For Glory ‎– Glory Awaits
Coffinshade / Optophobic ‎– Hymns Of Sorrow And Fear
Command ‎– Sturmangriff
Cultes Des Ghoules ‎– Spectres Over Transylvania
Dark Fury – Flooded Lands
Dark Fury / Poprava ‎– Furor Slavica
Darkstorm ‎– The Oath of Fire
Darvaza ‎– Darkness In Turmoil
Death Like Mass ‎– Kręte Drogi
Demonic Temple ‎– Chalice Of Nectar Darkness
Der Stürm / Evil ‎– Unica Fede – Unica Volonta (Live At Hot Shower)
Deströyer 666 ‎– Phoenix Rising
Deströyer 666 ‎– Cold Steel… for an Iron Age
Deströyer 666 ‎– Defiance
Devouring Star ‎– The Arteries Of Heresy
Dissection ‎– Into Infinite Obscurity / The Grief Prophecy
Dreadful Relic ‎– Hyborian Sorcery
Drowning The Light ‎– The Land Of The Dead Sun
Drudkh ‎– Forgotten Legends
Drudkh ‎– Autumn Aurora
Drudkh ‎– The Swan Road
Drudkh ‎– Blood In Our Wells
Drudkh ‎– Songs Of Grief And Solitude
Drudkh ‎– Estrangement
Drudkh ‎– Microcosmos
Drudkh ‎– Handful Of Stars
Drudkh – Eternal Turn Of The Wheel
Drudkh ‎– Eastern Frontier In Flames
Drudkh – A Furrow Cut Short
Duch Czerni ‎– Sleepless Temple
Evilfeast ‎– Elegies Of The Stellar Wind
Evilfeast ‎– Invoking The Ancient
Funeral Winds ‎– Sinister Creed
Gjaldur ‎– Unterm Totenbanner
Goatmoon / Der Stürm ‎– Kansojen Hävittäjä / Crushing The Maccabees
Graveland ‎– Dawn Of Iron Blades
Guild Of Shadows ‎– Keepers Of The Night Souls
Gungnir ‎– Ragnarök
Hades Almighty ‎– Millenium Nocturne
Ildjarn ‎– 1992-1995
Incantation ‎– Tribute To The Goat
Incinerator ‎– Rotten Flesh Macabre
Jarun ‎– Sporysz
Judas Iscariot ‎– Of Great Eternity
Kawir ‎– Αμύητον Μη Εισιέναι
Kohort ‎– Christian Masquerade
Kriegsmaschine ‎– Altered States Of Divinity
Kriegsmaschine ‎– Enemy Of Man
Kriegsmaschine ‎– Apocalypticists
Krolok ‎– At The End Of A New Age
KZOHH ‎– Rye.Fleas.Chrismon.
KZOHH ‎– 26
Lord Of Evil ‎– Satan’s Soldiers
Lucifugum ‎– Infernalistica
Manii ‎– Sinnets Irrganger
Martwa Aura ‎– Contra Mundi Contra Vitae
Mayhem ‎– Esoteric Warfare
Mgła ‎– Presence
Mgła ‎– Mdłości + Further Down The Nest
Mgła ‎– With Hearts Toward None
Mgła – Excersises In Futility
Mortiis ‎– Reisene Til Grotter Og Ødemarker
Nagual ‎– Self-Conqueror
Necrostrigis ‎– Relikty Kultu Czerni
Nekkrofukk ‎– Bestial Desekkration of Holy Whore & Morbid Abominations
Nekron ‎– Psychosis
Norrhem ‎– Voima Ja Kunnia
Norrhem ‎– Vaienneet Voittajat
Nokturnal Mortum ‎– Goat Horns
Nokturnal Mortum ‎– To The Gates Of Blasphemous Fire
Nokturnal Mortum – Nechrist
Nokturnal Mortum ‎– The Taste Of Victory
Nokturnal Mortum ‎– Мirovozrennie / Weltanschauung
Nokturnal Mortum – Golos Stali / The Voice Of Steel
Nokturnal Mortum – Verity
Oes Galliath ‎– Avant Que Notre Mémoire Ne Se Flétrisse
One Tail, One Head ‎– One Tail, One Head
One Tail, One Head ‎– Worlds Open, Worlds Collide
Profanity Angel / Incinerator ‎– Execration of the Holy Spirit
Power From Hell – The True Metal
Power From Hell ‎– Spellbondage
Rattenkönig ‎– Conjuration Of Hate
Rattenkönig ‎– Rotten Demos
Rotting Christ ‎– A Dead Poem
Satanic Might ‎– Arrival of the Winterwinds
Sale Freux ‎– Crèvecœur
Sale Freux ‎– La Mélancolie Des Pennes
Sale Freux ‎– Adieu, Vat!
Sale Freux ‎– Demain, Dès L’Aube…
Sale Freux ‎– Vindilis
Sale Freux ‎– Mortuailes
Seges Findere ‎– Genocidal Offensive
Seges Findere ‎– TK Worship
Seges Findere / Sonderkommando ‎– Machine Of… / Etninen Puhdistus
Selbstmord ‎– Radical Declaration
Seigneur Voland ‎– Black Metal Blitzkrieg
Sorcier Des Glaces ‎– North
Sorcier Des Glaces ‎– Ritual Of The End
Sorcier Des Glaces / Ende ‎– Le Puits Des Morts
Sulferon ‎– Θάνατος
Thor’s Hammer ‎– All We Need Is War 1997-2006
Throneum / Stormvold – Fifth Column of Sheol
Ulvegr ‎– Arctogaia
Ulvegr ‎– Titahion: Kaos Manifest
Vargsang ‎– In The Mist Of Night
Via Dolorosa – Ubi Maior Minor Cessat
Watain ‎– Rabid Death’s Curse
Watain – Casus Luciferi
Watain ‎– Sworn To The Dark
Watain ‎– Lawless Darkness
White Death ‎– White Death
Windswept ‎– The Great Cold Steppe
Ygg – Ygg




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