According to Tradition, 5123 years ago, 18 February – started by Kurukshetra War – Kali Yuga has begun. Entering the another year of the Iron Age, we proudly present our new releases!

AUKELS – “Raynkaym”  CD
Great Atmospheric Black Metal from Poland.
New project created by W. (Stworz, Wędrujący Wiatr, Kres and more) related to anti-urban philosophy, nature and Warmia region.  Debut album released as CD jewelcase.

GOLFARON – “Odwieczna Pieśń Lasu”  CD
Slavonic Heathen Black Metal from Poland.
Compilation of both, old releases of this forgotten project created by members of Old Leshy, Sunwheel, 1920, Sirion and more. CD jewelcase, co-released with Stronghold Clothes and Music

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With first day of 2021 a.y.p.s. – we proudly present our new releases!


Great Pagan Black Metal from Poland, first full lenght album in history. DigiCD limited to 500 copies.

Merge of raw metal music with ethnic tunes, Slavic voices and Polish poetry created album which is vivid reminiscence of heathen culture from Slavic lands from the pre-christian times, and which reaches to the sole roots of Slavic identity. Album mixed and mastered by Haldor Grunberg, with guest appearance of “Drewno” group members, performing traditional “white voice” singing technique. The lyrics on the album come from Polish poets and writers such as Tadeusz Miciński, Kazimiera “Iłła” Iłłakowiczówna, Ryszard Danecki, Janka Kupała (Iwan Łucewicz) or Szakalis.


Great Atmospheric/Folk Black Metal from Australia. Debut album, released as digipack and limited to 500 copies.

“Rising from the ancestral memories of the minds behind Sylan Awe, Vaiya & Encircling Sea, Càirdeas Fala is a testament to the maternal lineage of two proud Scottish descendants. Driven by the history and love of a proud land, Càirdeas Fala share spirited stories of their motherland, their ancestry and its wars for freedom. ‘Sons of the North’ is a passionate display of heritage, history and hope.”


Great Atmospheric Black Metal from Russia. New album, released as digipack and limited to 500 copies.

“The album “Svyatogor” is inspired by the image of the ancient Slavic hero-giant, hero from pre-christian times, and to this day almost nothing is known about him. He lives in the mountains and his strength is so great that the earth collapses under him. This album is not a retelling of epic or accurate history. It is an attempt to transport us through music to a time of which we know nothing. This music is the voice of a mighty giant through the ages. The last hero of his time frozen in stone!”



ZMORA – “Widma Nocy”  Tape Wooden Box

During the last night of the decade, we proudly present the final release of the cursed 2020 year!

Excellent morbid, deathworshipping Black Metal from Poland.
Wooden box containing the entire trilogy – “Nocy czerń, nocy chłód, “W głębinach nocy niepojętej” and “Najczarniejsza z nocy” minialbums, released as three pro-tapes.
Also including lyrics insert, sticker and button. Box is hand-painted and hand-burnt with pyrography technic.
Limited to 66 copies.
More photos and order:

At the time of Winter Solstice, when the day is shortest and the night is darkest, we proudly announce our new releases!

Great Black Metal from Poland. Compilation CD including early recordings of the horde – “Storming The House of God”, “Devil’s Incarnation” and unreleased track “Popioły”. CD jewelcase limited to 666 copies.

Atmospheric Black Metal from Slovakia. Live album with tracks recorded during years 2014-2019. Digipack.

Great, aggressive Black Metal from Estonia. Album originally recorded in 2010, remaining unreleased on CD format until now. Digipack.

Slavonic War Metal from Poland. Debut full lenght album from 1997 finally available on CD format.

Epic Black Metal from United Kingdom. New album after five years of silence.


Also, we re-stocked few sold out patches and buttons. All available through our shop.





Polish Pagan Black Metal veterans –  Pagan Forest – signs to Werewolf Promotion. Full lenght album “Bogu” will be released in few weeks on CD digipack format – promotional track “Hymn do Swaroga” is available now through label’s YT channel. Album was mixed and mastered by Haldor Grunberg, and design was created by Kuba Sokólski.

After many dormant years band returns with an album which draws from the core of Slavic cultural heritage to pay tribute to forgotten spirits, rites and ancient gods of eternal force of nature. To recall the atmosphere of the ancient times band joined forces with the “Drewno” singers who, using the white voice singing technique, perform historical folk pieces from Belarus, Ukraine, Russia and Balkans in their natural, authentic form, giving the album its unique flavor.
The lyrics on the album come from Polish poets and writers such as Tadeusz Miciński, Kazimiera “Iłła” Iłłakowiczówna, Ryszard Danecki, Janka Kupała (Iwan Łucewicz) or Szakalis.
This merge of raw metal music and ethical tunes, Slavic voices and Polish poetry inspired by local folklore has given birth to an album as intriguing as the themes it touches upon.
“Bogu” is a vivid reminiscence of pagan culture flourishing across lands where Slavic tribes lived from the pre-Christian times: sinister darkness of forests, unshakeable majesty of mountains, somber immensity of sea depths and constant dance of sun and moon, cool breeze of storms and flaring ember of bonfire, and all of that veiled by mysterious mist of old rites and beliefs. Here is the album, embedded in the oldest folk traditions from Poland and neighboring countries, which reaches to the sole roots of our national identity.

SAMHAIN 2020 a.y.p.s.

When the fire is burning, during the special night of our Ancestors – we present our new releases!

Great Atmospheric Black Metal/Ambient from Ukraine. New minialbum, released as digipack limited to 500 copies.

Barbaric, oldschool Black Metal from British soil. Split CD with new tracks of Zawrat and debut recordings of Fleam. CD limited to 500 copies.

Raw Black Metal from Poland. New minialbum, CD limited to 500 copies.

Deathworshipping Dark Ambient from United Kingdom. Compilation CD gathering two latest demos.

Atmospheric Dungeon Synth from Netherlands. Demo’20, tape limited to 100 copies.

WEREWOLF PROMOTION proudly presents:

Great Black Metal from Belarus. After 4 years, veterans of Belarussian scene returns with new album. Digipack limited to 500 copies.


Black Metal from Ukraine. Debut album of new horde, created by veterans of Ukrainian scene. Digipack limited to 500 copies.


Great Black Metal from Ukraine. Minialbum from 2018, released previously as a split with Likvann, now available as digipack EP limited to 500 copies.

full streaming:


We added also over 300 new and restocked CDs to our shop, listed below:

Abbath – Outstrider (restock)
Abominablood ‎– Dark Creatures In The Vacuum Of Dementia
Abbysic Hate – A Decade of Hate (restock)
Abyssic Hate – Suicidal Emotions (restock)
Abigor – Leytmotif Luzifer (The 7 Temptations of Man) (restock)
Acherontas ‎– Black Blood Ceremony
Aeon Winds ‎– Stormveiled
Akitsa ‎– Goétie
Alkonost – Na Kryl’yakh Zova
Ancestors Blood – A Moment of Clarity (restock)
Angantyr ‎– Hævn
Angantyr / Nasheim ‎– Angantyr / Nasheim
Angantyr ‎– Svig
Angantyr ‎– Kampen Fortsætter / Endeløs
Angantyr ‎– Sejr / Nordens Stolte Krigere
Angantyr ‎– Forvist
Angantyr ‎– Ulykke
Arckanum ‎– Fenris Kindir
Arkona ‎– Bogowie Zapomnienia
Arkona ‎– Imperium
Arkona – Nocturnal Arkonian Hordes
Arkona ‎– Konstelacja Lodu
Arkona ‎– Chaos.Ice.Fire
Arkona – Ot Serdtsa K Nebu (restock)
Arkona – Goi, Rode, Goi! (restock)
Arkona – Slovo (restock)
Arkona – Noch Velesova
Arkona – Stenka na Stenku
Arkona – Vozrozhdenie (version 2016)
Arkona – 10 Let Vo Slavu
Arkona – Khram
Armagedda ‎– Only True Believers
Baise Ma Hache – Breviaire Du Chaos
Baise Ma Hache / Autarcie – Ultra-Rural (restock)
Behemoth – The Satanist (restock)
Bekëth Nexëhmü – De Svarta Riterna (restock)
Bezdan – Spirits Of The Past
Bilskirnir – Atavismus Des Glaubens (restock)
Bilskirnir – In Solitary Silence (restock)
Bilskirnir – Wotan Redivivus (restock)
Blood Stronghold – Vengeance in Sacrificial Blood (restock)
Blood Stronghold – Heritage In Ancient Shadows (restock)
Blood Stronghold – The March of Apparition (restock)
Blood Stronghold – From Sepulchral Remains… (restock)
Blood Stronghold – The Triumph of Wolfish Destiny
Blood Stronghold ‎– Spectres Of Bloodshed
Bloodtomb – The Cavernous Ritual Temple
Blutfahne ‎– Twilight Of Faith
Blutkrieg ‎– Wotan’s Harrow
Burshtyn – Prakh Vidchaydukhiv (restock)
Burshtyn – Bezvirnyk (restock)
Burshtyn – Chortoriya
Burzum – Burzum / Aske
Burzum – Filosofem (restock)
Burzum ‎– Belus
Burzum ‎– Umskiptar
Byrhtnoth ‎– Brethren To The Fire Trumpets
Cân Bardd ‎– Nature Stays Silent
Cân Bardd ‎– The Last Rain
Croc Noir ‎– Mort
Countess ‎– Sermons Of The Infidel
Cultus – Gezeteld In Zegeruinen (restock)
Daagh ‎– Daagh
D Aphelium – Profetian om Dygden och Plikten
Dark Fury – Flooded Lands (digipack) (restock)
Dark Fury ‎– On The Trail Of A Victor
Darkspace – -I (restock)
Darkthrone ‎– Old Star
Dead Dog’s Howl ‎– Mausoleum Of Confessed Thoughts
Deus Mortem ‎– Emanations Of The Black Light
Deus Mortem ‎– Demons Of Matter And The Shells Of The Dead
Diagnose: Lebensgefahr ?– Transformalin (restock)
Doombringer – The Grand Sabbath
Draugsól ‎– Volaða Land
Drudkh – Autumn Aurora (restock)
Drudkh – Forgotten Legends (restock)
Drudkh – Estrangement (restock)
Drudkh – Blood In Our Wells (restock)
Drudkh – They Often See Dreams About the Spring (restock)
Drudkh ‎– A Few Lines In Archaic Ukrainian
Dub Buk – Idu Na Vy! (restock)
Dwarrowdelf ‎– The Sons Of Fëanor
Dysangelium – Dysangelium
Eldamar ‎– The Force Of The Ancient Land
Eldamar ‎– A Dark Forgotten Past
Endalok ‎– Úr Draumheimi Viðurstyggðar
Enslaved – Eld (restock)
Enslaved – Monumension (restock)
Eskapism ‎– Ancient Songs Of The Wind
Evilfeast – Mysteries Of The Nocturnal Forest
Ezkaton ‎– Plague For The Empires: Time
Fanisk – Insularum (restock)
Fen ‎– Ancient Sorrow
Flamen – Furor Lunae
Funeral – Black Flame Of Unholy Hate (restock)
Furia – Księżyc Milczy Luty (restock)
Furia – Nocel (restock)
Furia – Marzannie Królowej, Polski (restock)
Furia – Grudzień Za Grudniem (restock)
Furia – Halny (restock)
Furia – Martwa Polska Jesień (restock)
Galdr Forn Leid ‎– Galdralag
Gargoylium – De Cheminements Et De Batailles (restock)
Geistaz’ika ‎– Trolddomssejd I Skovens Dybe Kedel
Goat Tyrant ‎– Into the Greater Chasm
Gontyna Kry ‎– Ignipoten
Graveborne ‎– 1918
Grave Circles ‎– Tome II
Grave Desecrator ‎– Dust To Lust
Graveland – Celtic Winter (restock)
Graveland – In The Glare Of Burning Churches (restock)
Graveland – Pamięć i Przeznaczenie (restock)
Graveland ‎– Carpathian Wolves-Rehearsal-1993
Graveland ‎– Following The Voice Of Blood
Graveland ‎– Immortal Pride
Graveland ‎– Świt Stalowych Ostrzy
Gyre Of Incandescents ‎– Gyre Of Incandescents
Hatenwar ‎– Nienawistne Cienie Zemsty
Haunted Cenotaph – Abyssal Menace
Heilung ‎– Ofnir
Heilung ‎– Lifa (Heilung Live At Castlefest)
Heilung ‎– Futha
Heimdalls Wacht – Westfälischer Schlachtenlärm (restock)
Hell-Born / Offence ‎– Hellbound Hearts
Hellveto – Damnaretis (restock)
Heretic ‎– Tape Traitors
Heretic ‎– Devilworshipper
Hermodr ‎– Rovdjur & Northern Might
Hermodr / Poems Of The Elder ‎– Midnight Sun
Hermodr ‎– Forest Sky
Hermodr ‎– A Realm Reborn & Arv
Hermodr ‎– Korpsträd
Hunok ‎– Forgotten Honour
Hypothermia – Köld
Hypothermia – Veins
Hypothermia ‎– Självdestruktivitet Född Av Monotona Tankegångar III
Í Myrkri ‎– Drivende i Dødens Æter
Iku-Turso ‎– Storm Over Isengard
Iku-Turso ‎– Pakana
Ildskær ‎– Den Rædsomste Nat
Incantation – Carrion Prophecy
Infernal War ‎– Chronicles Of Genocide
Infernal War / Kriegsmaschine ‎– Transfigurations
Infidel – Ejaculating Chaos (restock)
Insane Apollyon ‎– Insane Apollyon
Intolitarian ‎– Suicidal Allegiance
Intolitarian ‎– Berserker Savagery
Intolitarian ‎– Extermination Campaign
Is – Another Side Of Existence
Ivar Bjornson & Einar Selvik’s Skuggsjá – Skuggsjá (A Piece For Mind & Mirror) (restock)
Kaevum – Kosmos Erwache (restock)
Kalevala – Vedma
Kalevala – Luna i Grosh
Kalevala – Doroga Ptitsy: Yubileynyy Kontsert
Kalevala – Metel’
Kalmankantaja ‎– Kaski
Kalmankantaja ‎– Korpi
Kalmankantaja ‎– Aikojen Takaa I
Kalmankantaja / Iku-Turso ‎– Ikuinen Tuli
Kamaedzitca – Pyarune (restock)
Kamaedzitca – Dzietci Lesa (restock)
Kangeheet ‎– Omega of Microcosmos
Kangeheet ‎– Mentor
Karg – Apathie (restock)
Khors – Beyond The Bestial (restock)
Koldbrann – Vertigo (restock)
Kvasir’s Blood ?– W.O.T.A.N. (restock)
Lęk – Shadows of Black Souls (restock)
Lęk ‎– The Eerie One
Liksminke – Det Onde Tjernet (restock)
Living Death ‎– Worlds Neuroses
Ljáin ‎– Endasálmar Og Klofnar Tungur
Loits ‎– Ei Kahetse Midagi
Lucifugum ‎– Tri Nity Limb Ritual
Marhoth – W Imieniu Marhoth (restock)
Martwa Aura ‎– Morbus Animus
Mayhem – Chimera (restock)
Medico Peste ‎– א: Tremendum Et Fascinatio
Mesarthim – .- -… … . -. -.-. . (restock)
Mesarthim – Isolate (restock)
Mesarthim ‎– The Density Parameter
Mesarthim ‎– Ghost Condensate
Meslamtaea ‎– Niets En Niemendal
Mgła ‎– With Hearts Toward None (restock)
Mysticum ‎– Planet Satan
Midnight Odyssey / Igric/ Aeon Winds ‎– Ardorem
Mistigo Varggoth Darkestra – Midnight Fullmoon (restock)
Mistigo Varggoth Darkestra – Insatiable Moon (restock)
Moharebeh ‎– We Are At War!!!
Moloth – Teorassologie
Moloth / Sunwheel – Sturm / Prophecies Of…
Mordhell – Suffer In Hell (restock)
Morok – Carpathian Fullmoon Ritual
Morok – Fiery Dances Of Dying (restock)
Morsun Diaboli ‎– Morsun Diaboli
Mortiis ‎– The Song Of A Long Forgotten Ghost
Mortiis ‎– Ånden Som Gjorde Opprør
Mortiis ‎– Keiser Av En Dimensjon Ukjent
Mortiis ‎– Blood And Thunder
Mourning By Morning ‎– Mourning By Morning
Mütiilation – Vampires of Black Imperial Blood
Mütiilation – Remains of a Ruined, Dead, Cursed Soul
Nachteule ‎– Bergdorf
Naðra ‎– Allir Vegir Til Glötunar
Nasheim ‎– Evighet / Undergång
Nasheim ‎– Solens Vemod
Nasheim ‎– Jord Och Aska
Nazrak ‎– Cantiques Funèbres
Necrocarnation – Fragments of Dark Eternity
Nekkrofukk ‎– Antikkrist Venomous Uteroplacental Injekktor Of Goat Semen & Mephistophallus Thermonukklear Messiah Violation
Niezgal’ ‎– Stogn ź niebyćcia
Nocturnal Depression ‎– Spleen Black Metal
Nokturnal Mortum ‎– Lunar Poetry
Nokturnal Mortum – Goat Horns (restock)
Nokturnal Mortum – To The Gates Of Blasphemous Fire (restock)
Nokturnal Mortum – Nechrist (restock)
Nokturnal Mortum – The Taste Of Victory (restock)
Nokturnal Mortum – Verity (restock)
Nornahetta ‎– The Psilocybin Tapes
Norrsinnt ‎– Dåvahugg
Nunslaughter ‎– Raid The Country Star (Live In Padova, Italy 3/18/09)
Nyctophilia ‎– Ad Mortem Et Tenebrae
Nyctophilia ‎– Bezdeń
Occultum ‎– In Nomine Rex Inferni
Odious Devotion ‎– Odious Devotion
Odour Of Death ‎– Satanic Devotion
Ostots – Ezer Ezaren Araztasuna (restock)
Óreiða ‎– Óreiða
Pagan Hellfire ‎– At The Resting Depths Eternal
Pantheon Of Blood ‎– Voices Rooted In Blood
Pervogoat ‎– Pervogoat
Peste Noire – Split – Peste Noire (restock)
Phosphore Blanc – Xenophobos (restock)
Pragnavit – Skarby Zmiainaha Karala (restock)
Pure – J’aurais Du (restock)
Raped Christ – Possessed Whore (restock)
Ravenbanner ‎– …And Ravens Sing Our Glorious Past
Raventale – Planetarium (restock)
Raven Throne – Šliacham Zabytych (restock)
Rossomahaar ‎– The Reign Of Terror
Ruho ‎– The Devout Thrum
Runeshard ‎– Dreaming Spire
Sacrilegium – Anima Lucifera (restock)
Sad – Alpha Voyage (restock)
Saor ‎– Roots
Saor ‎– Aura
Saor ‎– Guardians
Saor ‎– Forgotten Paths
Sapaudia – Furvus Spiritus Ancellus (restock)
Sarastus ‎– Enter The Necropolis
Sauron – Wilderness
Selbstmord ‎– No Forgiveness! (restock)
Selbstmord – Radical Declaration (restock)
Shexna ?– Vy Zaviyte, Viterochiki… (restock)
Sielunvihollinen – Hautaruhtinas (restock)
Sirion – Quenta Silmarillion (restock)
Slavia ‎– Strength And Vision
Sólstafir – Svartir Sandar (restock)
Spear Of Longinus – N.O.M.
Spear Of Longinus ‎– Nada Brahma
Spell Of Dark ‎– Journey Into The Depts Of Winter
Spell Of Dark ‎– The Vastness
Spell Of Torment ‎– His Tempting Ritual
Stosstrupp ‎– Wir Kommen-Rehearsal 110
Summoning – The Demon Tapes: Anno Mortui Domini 1959-1961 (restock)
Sunwheel – Industry of Death (restock)
Svartgren – Prazan Grob (restock)
Svartsyn ‎– A Night Created By The Shadows​.​.​. And The Resuscitation Of Unspoken Rituals
Sventoyar – Unity (restock)
Svolder ‎– The Beast’s Mercenaries
Temnozor – Twilights At The Winter Funeral CD+DVD (restock)
The Wanderer… ‎– Aura Nocturnal & Mysterium
Throneum / Moloch Letalis ?– Martyaxwar (restock)
Throneum – The Tight Deathrope Act Over Rubicon
Totenburg – Pestpogrom (digipack) (restock)
Totenrune – Towards The Universe
Tsjuder – Kill For Satan
Tsjuder – Demonic Possession
Ulvegr – Arctogaia (restock)
Ungern – Steppenwolf (restock)
Vargsang – In The Mist Of Night (restock)
Vedan Kolod – Plemena (restock)
Vedan Kolod – U Krivoy Dorogi (restock)
Venedae – Pod Znakiem Ognia
Vengeance Sorcery ‎– In Oath To Torment, Unrelenting…
Vermisst ‎– Zmierzch Stalowej Ciemności
Vlad Tepes ‎– War Funeral March
Vlad Tepes ‎– Morte Lune
Vintlechkeit – Dode menn om vinteren​.​.​./ Likene i snoen​.​.​.
Voidhanger ‎– The Antagonist
Voidhanger – Working Class Misanthropy (restock)
Vonülfsrëich ‎– Hyperborëan Hills
Vornat – Vornat (restock)
Vosbúð ‎– Almannagjá
Waeltaja – The Frozen Kingdom
WAR 88 ‎– Total War: Reh-95/Reh-97/Reh-98
Warmoon Lord – Burning Banners of the Funereal War (digipack)
Warmoon Lord – Burning Banners of the Funereal War
Warmoon Lord / Vultyrium ‎– Pure Cold Impurity
Wartha – Azure Lakes (restock)
Watain – Casus Luciferi (restock)
Wędrowcy~Tułacze~Zbiegi – Światu Jest Wszystko Jedno
Whisper of Runes – Crystal Knight
White Death – White Death (restock)
White Ward ‎– Illusions
Windswept – The Great Cold Steppe (restock)
Wintaar / Dzö-nga ‎– Into The Heart Of The Ice
Winterhymn – Blood & Shadow (restock)
Witchmaster – Violence & Blasphemy (restock)
Wodulf ‎– Wargus Esto
Wolfenburg ‎– Imperium Wilków
Woods Of Desolation ‎– Toward The Depths
Woods Of Desolation ‎– Torn Beyond Reason
Woods Of Desolation ‎– As The Stars
Woods Of Desolation ‎– Unreleased Demo 2007
Wyrd / Häive / Kehrä – Split CD
Ygg – Ygg (restock)
Ygg – The Last Scald
V/A – Czarne Zastępy: W Hołdzie Kat (restock)
V/A – Korpsånd
Zaklon – Zychod
Zmora – Popioły Tego Świata (restock)


At special time of the shortest night in the year, which comes tonight, we proudly present our new releases!


SIVYJ YAR / STWORZ – “Неизбежность / Wiecznica”   Digipack CD

Excellent Atmospheric Black Metal from Russia and Slavonic Heathen Metal from Poland. Split release.                        

STWORZ – “Nektar Inspiracji”   double-CD

Slavonic Black Metal from Poland. Compilation gathering two first albums.

POHJAST – “Downfall”   Digipack CD

Atmospheric Black/Doom Metal, created by international line-up with members of Loits, Thesyre, Moonsorrow, Akitsa and more. New album.

WĘDRUJĄCY WIATR – “Tam, Gdzie Miesiąc Opłakuje Świt”   Digipack CD

Excellent Atmospheric Black Metal from Poland. Reissue of debut album.


All already available at our shop.

Last night of March, time of chaos. Spring came over a week ago, and tonight – despite all, we are proudly presenting new releases!


New EP of legendary Perunwit, and debut release of Alruna’s project. Great Slavonic Heathen Folk. Digipack.


Great Heathen Black Metal from Poland. New album!


Legendary Polish Black Metal. Third album from 2002 finally available on CD format for the first time. Digipack.


W.A.R. Heathen Black Metal from USA and Argentina. Co-release with Vinlandic Werwolf Distribution.


Great Black Metal from Ukraine. Digipack reissue of second album.


Excellent Dungeon Synth/Ambient from Ukraine. Jewelcase reissue of second album.


Slavonic Heathen Metal from Poland. New mCD. Co-release with War Productions.


Dark Heathen Black Metal from Russia. Latest album finally available on CD, digipack.


Atmospheric Black Metal from Crimea. Compilation CD gathering two latest EPs. Digipack – first 50 comes with set of stickers.


5-way W.A.R. Heathen Black Metal split from Europe and North America. Digipack, co-release with Lower Silesian Stronghold and Doomsday Elite.


Legendary Black Metal from Poland. Vinyl edition of last album, limited to 300 black vinyls. Co-release with HASS WEG Productions.


Decadent Hooligan Black Metal from Poland. Vinyl edition of last album, limited to 300 black vinyls.


Raw Black Metal from Poland. Tape edition of last album, limited to 333 copies.




During the time of the longest night, when the Winter begins – we proudly announce our new releases!


Excellent Atmospheric Black Metal from Poland. Vinyl version of second album – doubleLP gatefold, 140 gram vinyls + 2 inserts. Limited to 300 copies.


Great Black Metal from Serbia. Second album finally available, digipack limited to 500 copies.


Raw and aggressive Black Metal from Russia. New album after few years of silence, digipack limited to 500 copies.


Besides, we launched preorders for vinyl editions of RIVERS LIKE VEINS – “Z Iskier Srebrnych Orszaków” and  SACRILEGIUM – “Ritus Transitorius” albums.


Also, the shop was updated with hundreds of new arrivals!

Asgrauw / Meslamtaea ‎– Utopia 7″
Der Stürm / Nordwind ‎– Der Stürmer / Nordwind 7″
Dodsferd / Infernal Hate ‎– Incessant Ode To Defeat 7″
Hegemoon / Moontower ‎– Zjednoczeni W Akcie Nienawiści 7″
Necromantical Screams ‎– Deadly Frost 7″
Wineta ‎– Zanim Wstanie Dzień / Reh.’93 7″

Ahnenerbe / Wolfenburg / Old Fire / Demiurg / Lechia ‎– Soldiers Of The Wolf’s Rune 12″
Asgrauw ‎– Gronspech 12″
Blutkult ‎– Nekromantika 12″
Cultus / Meslamtaea ‎– Tussen Werelden / Gedachten 12″
Dark Fury ‎– Flooded Lands 12″
Division Triad / WAR88 ‎– Way Of Numen 12″
Hödur ‎– The Majesty 12″
Jassa ‎– Lights In The Howling Wilderness 12″
Kohort ‎– Megiddo Eve 12″
Moloth – By The Wing of Black 12″
Moontower ‎– Black Metal Terror 12″
Moontower ‎– Darkness… Glory To Hatred 12″
Moontower ‎– The Wolf’s Hunger / To The Dark Aeon / Promo-reh 1996 12″
Nokturne ‎– Runic Death Kommando 12″ `
Nortfalke ‎– Atmosfeer 12″
Odour Of Death ‎– In Search Of Eternal Darkness 12″
Selbstmord ‎– Some Day The Whole World… 12″
Selbstmord ‎– Spectre Of Hate 12″
Silva Nigra ‎– Epocha 12″
V/A – Flammes De France-Opus II 12″
Vouïvre ‎– Au Gouffre 12″ (gold)
Warage ‎– Die Organisation Des Todes 12″
Wędrujący Wiatr – O Turniach, Jeziorach i Nocnych Szlakach 12″DLP
Zmora ‎– Wieczna Ciemność I Wieczne Zimno 12″

Abbath – Outstrider
Abigail / Dulvel – Satan, Bitches & Rock ‘n’ Roll
Abhorrent Funeral ‎– Ugly Tales
Absurd ‎– Asgardsrei
Acherontas / Crimson Moon / Akrabu / Shibalba ‎– Ana Harrani Sa Alaktasa La Tarat
Ad Hominem – Dictator-A Monument of Glory (restock)
Adversus Semita ‎– Ad Mortem Cunae Agitantur
Ahnenerbe / Wolfenburg / Old Fire / Demiurg / Lechia – Soldiers Of The Wolf’s Rune
Akashah ‎– Taran
Akrabu ‎– Ziggurat Ascension
Ampütator ‎– Intolerance Deathsquads
Arkona – Imperium
Asgeirr ‎– Diktat Allianz
Astarte ‎– Doomed Dark Years (restock)
Athos – With Darkest Hails
Auðn ‎– Farvegir Fyrndar (restock)
Aura Shining Green ‎– Kuumusiikkia / Keväänsäde
Ayyadieh ‎– Oath of Allegiance
Azarath ‎– Infernal Blasting
Azel’s Mountain – Azel’s Mountain (restock)
Barad Dûr ‎– Land Ohne Götter
Barbatos ‎– Live At Factory (Victory Blazing War!!)
Barkasth ‎– Hear My Void
Black Howling ‎– Return Of Primordial Stillness
Blood Of Kingu ‎– Dark Star On The Right Horn Of The Crescent Moon (restock)
Blood Stronghold ‎– Heritage In Ancient Shadows
Blutgrund ‎– Spirituality of Burning Heritage
Blutkult / Feuernacht / Blutaar ‎– Terror, Tod & Teufel
Bound For Glory ‎– The Final Battle
Burial Choir ‎– Iconoclast
Burzum ‎– Det Som Engang Var
Burzum ‎– Hvis Lyset Tar Oss
Burzum ‎– Filosofem
Carpathian Forest ‎– The Fucking Evil Years
Celestia ?– Delhys-cätess
Chapter V:F10 ‎– Pathogenesis
Circle Of Dawn ‎– Northern Savonian Black Metal
Coldnight ‎– Waterfall Of Suicides
Coldnight / Lifeblood – Coldnight / Lifeblood
Crag Forge ‎– Forbidden Crags
Crown Of Asteria ‎– Sol
Crux Dissimulata ‎– Expédition Punitive
Crystalmoors / Hordak ‎– Árguma / Ophiusa
Cult ov Black Blood ‎– Abhorrence ov God
Dagor ‎– Songs Of The Slav Ground
Dahak ‎– Arkana Wężowej Mądrości
Dakhma ‎– Passageways To Daena (The Concomitant Blessings Of Putrescing Impurity)
Dark Awake ‎– Soil,Blood …And The Reaping Of Light
Darkspace – -I
Darkspace ‎– Dark Space I (restock)
Darkspace ‎– Dark Space II (restock)
Darkspace ‎– Dark Space III (restock)
Darkspace ‎– Dark Space III I (restock)
Dark Morbid Death ‎– Satanic Kills
Darkstorm / Cursed Coven / Ordo Sanguinis Noctis / Stormfront / Goatkolonne ?– Insatiabilis Tenebrarum Sitis
Dead Christ Cult ‎– Fires Of Inquisition
Death Skull ‎– Annihilation Of The Pig
Degesch – Degesch
Der Stürm / Malsaint / Blutkult – Split
Det Gamle Besatt ‎– Primary Evil
Devastator – The End
Devastator ‎– Nocturnal Slut
Diabolical Principles – Wistful Whispers
Dies Ater ‎– Reign Of Tempests
Division Triad / WAR 88 ‎– Way Of Numen
Downfall Of Nur – Umbras E Forestas (restock)
Drudkh ‎– Forgotten Legends (Brazilian edition)
Drudkh ‎– Autumn Aurora (restock)
Drudkh – They Often See Dreams About the Spring (restock)
Doomhammer ‎– The Law Of The Drunk-The Demo Collection
Elixir – Les Tours Du Temps
Eliwagar ‎– Fjellfolk Saga Fra Forntiden
Eliwagar ‎– Gryningen
Eliwagar ‎– Eliwagar
Eliwagar ‎– I Vølven’s Vev
Ende – Whispers Of A Dying Earth
Ende ‎– Emën Etan
Ende ‎– Goétie Funeste
Ensemble Stella Nova ‎– Cammini Medievali
Enslaved ‎– Frost (restock)
Enslaved ‎– Eld (restock)
Enslaved – Mardraum: Beyond the Within (restock)
Enslaved ‎– Monumension (restock)
Eönä ‎– Croyances Eternelles
Eternal Sacrifice ‎– Ad Tertivm Librvm Nigrvm
Evilfeast ‎– Invoking The Ancient (restock)
Ezkaton ‎– Sheen And Misery
Falgar ‎– De Sangre Y Sol
Festival Of Mutilation ‎– Gods Of Infernal Desolation
Forest Whispers ‎– Arkany Zniewolenia
Freezing Blood ‎– Baal
Frostmoon Eclipse – Another Face Of Hell
Funebre Devastation ‎– Rebirth of the Cursed Spectre
Funeral ‎– Black Flame Of Unholy Hate
Furia – Guido
Furia ‎– Księżyc Milczy Luty (Japanese edition)
Gargoylium ‎– De Cheminements Et De Batailles
Gjaldur / Krypta Nicestwa ‎– Von Alten Gräbern / Krypta Nicestwa
Gofannon ‎– Craft
Grab ‎– Praying At The Whorehouse Church
Grudom ‎– Fjølkyngi
Grudom ‎– Troldviser I Granskygge
Hades Almighty ‎– Millenium Nocturne (restock)
Hammergoat / Unholy Archangel ‎– Unholy Wrath Of Goat
Havocum ‎– Satans Apogeum
Helgafell ‎– Landvaettir
Hellveto / Phorcys / Forestdome ‎– Split
Helvetespine ‎– Frykten Og Mennesket
Hexperos ‎– Lost In The Great Sea
Hexperos ‎– The Garden of The Hesperides
Hell’s Coronation ‎– Antichristian Devotion
Hell’s Coronation ‎– Unholy Blades Of The Devil
Hell’s Coronation ‎– Ritual Chalice Of Hateful Blood
Hell’s Coronation / Cadaveric Possession ‎– Cadaveric Goatserpents’ Coronation
Hödur – The Majesty
Hödur – Salve Sathanas
Horns – Czerń
Huoripukki ‎– Voima & Barbaria
Impaler ‎– The Gruesome Years
Impaler – Undead Things
Impious Havoc – Dawn Of Nothing
Impious Havoc – MaleficiuM
Impious Havoc – Infidels
Insane Vesper ‎– Therefore, He Shall Consume
Ignis ‎– Sic Transit Gloria Mundi
Iperyt ‎– The Patchwork Gehinnom
Is ‎– Glimpses Of Sorrow
Isrike ‎– Hailaz Balwa
Jassa ‎– Lights In The Howling Wilderness
Jowisz / H.ø.s.t ‎– Ages of Determination
Karg – Apathie
Karg ‎– Malstrom
Khors ‎– Beyond The Bestial
Kingdom – Sepulchral Psalms From The Abyss Of Torment
Koldbrann ‎– Vertigo
Kroda ‎– Live Under Hexenhammer: Heil Ragnarok
Lebensessenz ‎– Träume
Letenica – Bereginya
Liksminke ‎– Det Onde Tjernet
Litanie ‎– In Nomine Humana, Tenebris
Lucera ‎– Blackzuco
Lucera ‎– Pure Ass
Lutomysl ‎– Overcoming Babel
Lutomysl ‎– Overcoming Babel (digibook)
Malefica ‎– Ancient Burial Mounds
Manticore / Bestial Mockery / Obeisance / Witch King ‎– Unholy Ancient War
Martwa Aura ‎– Contra Mundi Contra Vitae (restock)
Martwa Aura ‎– Tenebrae Divine
Misanthropic Rage ‎– Gates No Longer Shut
Mistigo Varggoth Darkestra ‎– Insatiable Moon (restock)
Moloch / Krieg – Moloch / Krieg
Moloch Letalis ‎– Krwawy Sztorm
Moloth – Unbreakable Faith (restock)
Moloth – Reconquista (restock)
Mooncitadel ‎– Moon Calls To Wander… The Winter’s Majesty
Moontower ‎– Promo-Reh-1996
Moontower ‎– Darkness… Glory To Hatred
Moontower ‎– Darkness… Glory To Hatred (digipack)
Moontower – Infernal Revelation
Moravská Zima / Sekhmet / Sator Marte / Svartskogen / Darkearth ‎– Bohemia-Moravia-Nothemia (V Nesvaté Anti-Humánní Zapřísáhlosti)
Morbid Goat Fornicator ‎– Nuclear Vaticano
Mord’A’Stigmata ‎– Hope
Mortiis ‎– Reisene Til Grotter Og Ødemarker (restock)
Mortuus Caelum – MMXIV-MMXIX Quindecium Annos Bellum
Múspellzheimr ‎– Demo I & Demo II
Muruth ‎– Legie Oceli
Nacht Und Gnosis ‎– Det Warder Sådt i Skröplighet och Skal Upstå ur Kraft
Nation War ‎– Deaths Commands Under…
Nattverd ‎– Vi Vet Gud Er En Løgner
Navjarmaahr ‎– To Please The Ravens
Navjarmaahr – Navje
Nebelkorona – Des Nachts In Tristen Nebeln
Necator ‎– Polish Black Metal Against Aliens
Neige Et Noirceur / Daughters Of Sophia ‎– Ascension
Nephilim – Nephilim
Nergal – Νύκτα Γεμάτη Θάματα-Νύκτα Σπαρμένη Μάγια
Nocturnal Werewolf / Necrostrigis – Frozen Graves Triumphant Blaze
Nidhogg – Nidhogg
Nihil Domination ‎– Sudamerican Worship To Sathanas
Nokturnal Mortum ‎– To The Gates Of Blasphemous Fire (restock)
Nokturnal Mortum ‎– Goat Horns (restock)
Nokturnal Mortum ‎– The Taste Of Victory (restock)
Nokturnal Mortum – Verity (restock)
Nordwind ‎– Nordwind
Noxia – The Age of Wisdom
Nuitville ‎– When The Darkness Falls
Nytt Land ‎– The Last War
Obeisance ‎– 666 War!!!
Obeisance ‎– Appetite for Desecration
Odour Of Death ‎– In Search Of Eternal Darkness
Ohtar ‎– Emptiness
Old Scythia – Srivaya Okovi…
Old Scythia ‎– Blind War
On Thorns I Lay ‎– Eternal Silence
Otchłań ?– W Otchłań Szaleństwa
Opus Eclypse ‎– The Forest
Ordo Sanguinis Noctis – Chthonic Blood Mysteries
Ostots ‎– Ezer Ezaren Araztasuna
Pagan Forest / Pure Pagan Craft ?– Pure Pagan Art
Permafrost ‎– Vergewaltigt & Verflucht
Permafrost ‎– Porcus Christus
Pestkreuz ‎– Perdition Discipline
Pestroyer ‎– Inquisiteurs Des Temps Modernes
Put’ – Pesn Smerti
Pure ‎– J’aurais Dû
Ragehammer ‎– War Hawks
Raventale ‎– Morphine Dead Gardens
Rotting Christ ‎– Khronos
Rotting Christ ‎– Genesis
Sacrificia Mortuorum ‎– Les Vents De L’Oubli
Sabbat ‎– Envenom
Sabbat ‎– Evoke
Sabbat ‎– Disembody
Sabbat ‎– Fetishism
Sabbat ‎– The Dwelling
Sabbat ‎– Karisma
Sabbat / Krigere Wolf ‎– E.C.A. (Extermination Cult Alliance)
Sad / Winter Eternal ‎– Sadness Of The Winter Moon
Satanik Goat Ritual / Warlock 666 ‎– Satanic Ritual & Goat Sabbat
Seges Findere ‎– Proclamation Of Blood Vengeance
Selbstmord ‎– Some Day The Whole World…
Selbstmord ‎– Spectre Of Hate
Sentier Des Morts ‎– Beatus Methodivo
Severe Storm ‎– The Awakening
Shibalba / Alone In The Hollow Garden & Nam-Khar ‎– Yang Trol Lé
Skaur – Farvel (restock)
Skoll / Uruk-Hai – Through The Mountains Mist They Came
Sólstafir ‎– Í Blóði Og Anda
Sólstafir ‎– Svartir Sandar
Sólstafir ‎– Ótta
Sorcier Des Glaces ‎– Sorcier Des Glaces
Stigmata ‎– Omega
Stillborn – Testimonio de Bautismo (restock)
Stillborn ‎– Manifiesto De Blasfemia
Sturmgewehr666 ‎– Challenging CrossReich Cowards
Sturmtiger ‎– Atomic Hammer
Svärta / Elände ‎– Invokation
Svartgren – Divlja Vatra
Sznur – Sznur
Taatsi – Olden Folk
Templum Tenebrarum ‎– Funeral Song For The World
The Great Old Ones ‎– Tekeli​-​li
The True Endless / Sekhmet / Tundra / Inferno ‎– United In Hell
Thirst ‎– …Darkness…
Throneum / Moloch Letalis ‎– Martyaxwar
Torchlight ‎– The Long Quest
Totenburg ‎– Endzeit
Trwoga – Trwoga
Tknkntj ‎– 2008-2009
Uruk-Hai – Elbenjahre
Uruk-Hai – Elbenglanz
Uruk-Hai – Lost Songs From The Middle-Earth
Uruk-Hai ‎– Tawantinsuyu
Uruk-Hai ‎– The Battle
Uruk-Hai / Black Jade – The Sadness of Fallen Leaves
Varathron ‎– Patriarchs Of Evil
Vargavinter ‎– Frostfödd (restock)
Vargsang ‎– In The Mist Of Night (restock)
Vermine – Agonie d’une Nation-Ère de la Dégénérescence (restock)
Vermisst / Plaguespawn – Lunar Emanations of Haunted Shrines
Vetraheimr ‎– The Renegade
Vinterriket – Eiszwielicht
Vinterriket – Grauweiss (DVD)
Vinterriket – Grauweiss (CD)
Vinterriket ‎– Garðarshólmur
Vinterriket ‎– Kontemplative Antagonismen Des Augenblicks
Vinterriket ‎– 2002-2004
Vinterriket – Nachtfülle
Vöedtæmhtëhactått / Sad ‎– Existence To Serve The Creation
Vonülfsrëich ‎– Ylfsreälm Inguz
Vredehammer ‎– Vinteroffer
Warfist ‎– Metal To The Bone
Watain ‎– Lawless Darkness (restock)
War Hammer Command ‎– Hellish Wrath
Warwulf ‎– In The Glare Of A Dying Horizon
Weress ‎– The Dungeon On The Moon
Wilds Forlorn ‎– Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes
Winged ‎– From The Arcane Burning Legions
Wintaar ‎– Frostland
Wintermoon – Autarky
Winternight ‎– Pestilenz
Witcher ‎– A Gyertyák Csonkig Egnek
Witches Moon ‎– A Storm Of Golden Mare And Black Cauldron
Witch King ‎– Conjuration Of Bestial Forces
Witch Tomb / Martyrvore ‎– Witch Tomb / Martyrvore
Wolfblood ‎– Wolfblood
Wolfspirit ‎– Marching Towards The Abyss Of Death
Wolves Eyes ‎– Remembrance of Pagan Heroes
Wolves Eyes / Stolzblut ‎– Split
Wonders Of Nature ‎– Winter Forest. Legenda Revontulet. In The Darkness of Night
Y – De Occulta Philosophia
Ygg – Ygg (restock)
Zgard ‎– Reclusion
Zgard ‎– Astral Glow
Żmij / Gontyna Kry – Obrzędów Dawnych Tchnienie / Przebudzić ze Snu

GG Allin ‎– No Room For…
GG Allin – Eat My Fuc (1983-1985) (restock)
Lord Of Evil – Kill for Satan
Lord Of Evil ‎– Satan’s Soldiers

Vinterriket – Momente Ambivalenter Ebenbilder Der Zeit-Impressionen eines Wanderers

Rivers Like Veins – Z Iskier Srebrnych Orszaków 12″
Sacrilegium – Ritus Transitorius 12″