Finally available, debut album of Stringsskald’s new project (Walknut, ex-Temnozor) – Gromoverzh (Громоверж).
“Izdrevle” (“Издревле”) was released on CD format 3 of July 2023 a.y.p.s.

ГРОМОВЕРЖ (GROMOVERZH) is a project of Stringsskald, the participant and the author of  TEMNOZOR music from 2001 to 2010, plus also a musical creator of WALKNUT. The style of the project is Pagan/Black/Folk Metal.

Conditionally, the project was born in 2015, when Stringsskald had the idea to forge a strong alloy from all the accumulated unrealized material. The first test recording were made that year. The debut album of the project, “Издревле” (“Izdrevle”, means “Since ancient times”), musically can be described as a kind of quintessence of all three full-lengths of ТЕМНОЗОРЬ written by Stringsskald and a conditional continuation/development of the creative ideas of those years. Most of the material was composed during the mentioned years of his activity in ТЕМНОЗОРЬ, and the entire album is a canonical and time-tested “pagan metal” of the old type, where the musician’s signature style is heard quite easily.

The almost 73-minute creation was arranged, recorded, supplemented and gradually acquired its final form over the course of six years. The main vocals were performed by Stringsskald, clear-voiced vocals and flute parts were performed by guest musicians. Veleslav’s poetry was used as lyrics.

ГРОМОВЕРЖ “Издревле” is released in jewel case CD with 16-page booklet, (and later on DLP and as an MC) and already available in shop.


Shop is open again, after much longer break than we expected. Over 1.000 new and restocked CDs added to mailorder, but expect also many new arrivals in other categories in near time too!

Also, 3 new CD releases are out now:

Jewelcase reissue of sold out debut album. Aggressive Atmospheric Black Metal from Ukraine. Available again, with bonus track from vinyl edition.

Veterans of Black Metal from Poland. Two long sold out first albums – “Praise The Apocalypse” and “Antichrist Supremacy Again” available reissued on one CD.

Raw but melodic Black Metal from Ukraine. CD edition of the only one demo of the band from 2009.


Full list of new CD arrivals and restocks:

1349 – The Infernal Pathway
Aanomm – Desinterred Nausea Malodorous
Aasgard – Ravens Hymns Foreshadows The End
Abazagorath / Blood Storm – Ancient Entities Arise
Abigail ‎– Intercourse & Lust
Abigail – Forever Street Metal Bitch
Abigail – Welcome All Hell Fuckers
Abigor – Four Keys To A Foul Reich (Songs Of Pestilence, Darkness And Death)
A Blood – Stürme Aus Stahl (restock)
About Abortions – Substance Of My Psychosis
Absurd – Grimmige Volksmusik (Die Folterkammer-Sitzung)
Absurd – Promo 11/2019 A.Y.P.S.
Absurd – Live In Suomi Finland Perkele 2008
Abyssgale – Hegemon
Adoria / Feuernacht / Stahlfront – Wehrwolf Jugend (restock)
Adragard – From The Burning Mist
Aegrus – Devotion For The Devil
Aelter – IV Love Eternal
Akerius – Shadowed Paths Through Middle?-?Earth
Aksaya – L’Aube Rouge
Amalek – 20 Jahre Kampf Für Blut, Volk Und Tradition!
Anal Blasphemy / Forbidden Eye – The Perverse Worship Of Satanic Sins
Anal Cunt – Carring About Anything Is Gay
Ancestors Blood / Heervader – Onwards And Rise
Ancestral Shadows – The Sorrows Of Centuries Past
Ancient – The Cainian Chronicle
Ancient Flame – Tyrant Blood
Ancient Hatred – Glorification of the End
Andhakara Caitanya – Tëmnoye Soznaniye
Angantyr – Sejr / Nordens Stolte Krigere (restock)
Angantyr – Kampen Fortsatter / Endelos (restock)
Angantyr / Nasheim ?– Angantyr / Nasheim (restock)
Angelgoat – The Lucifer Within
Anguana – Anguana
Animal Man Machine – The Cruelty Of Life
Annihilation Vortex – Nihilistic Spheres
Antzaat – The Black Hand Of The Father
Antzaat – For You Men Who Gaze Into The Sun
Anwynn – Voices Of Perdition
AoX – Apotheosis ov XAOC
A Pale December – The Shrine Of Primal Fire
Apathia / Infamous ?– Celebrating The Fall Of Humanity
Apparition / Fenrisulf / Aek Gwi / Svar fra Hedensk / Juno Bloodlust – Oriental Abyss
Arckanum – Helvítismyrkr
Arckanum ‎– Fenris Kindir (restock)
Arjen – Kad Se Slika Iskrivi Dovoljno
Armaggedon – The Satanic Kommandantur
Armnatt – Darkness Times
Armnatt – Eternal Flame
Arkona – Zeta Reticuli
Arkona – Zrodzony Z Ognia I Lodu
Arkuda – St’ga
Armagedda – Only True Believers (restock)
Armaggedon – The Satanic Kommandantur
Armatus – Armee Der Schwarzen Stiefel
Arska / mTORR – Fennoscandian Metal
Ars Veneficium – Usurpation Of The Seven
Ars Veneficium – Usurpation Of The Seven (digipack)
Arthuros – Ithildin
Aryman – … I Nienazwanych Dyjabłów
Ascaris – Uncured Sickness
Ascaris – Grapes Of Wrath
Asgrauw – Gronspech
Askalon – Armageddon
Aske – Down The Gates
Aske / Gnosis Occultus – Pact Of The Black Goat
Asmund – Do Neba Pominal’nyj Rog
Astral Path – An Oath To The Void
Astral Winter – Forest Of Silence
Astral Winter – Perdition II
Astrofaes – The Attraction: Heavens And Earth
Astrofaes – Ancestors’ Shadows
Astrofaes – …Those Whose Past Is Immortal
Athos – From The Darkness Within
Atomizer – Death-Mutation-Disease-Annihilation
Atra Vetosus – Voices From The Eternal Night
Atra Vetosus – Ius Vitae Necisque
Atra Vetosus – Live At The Royal Oak
Atra Vetosus – Apricity
Atra Vetosus – Apricity (digipack)
Atra Vetosus – Even The Dawn No Longer Brings Hope
Aucun – Demo One
Australasia – Vertebra
Automb – Esoterica
Avoid The Light – Spleen
Avsky – Embrace Armageddon
Avsky – No Cure For Mankind
Azagatel – Lux-Citanea
Azagatel – SOL
Azaghal – Helvetin Yhdeksän Piiriä
Azaghal – Omega
Azaghal – Valo Pohjoisesta
Azaghal – Valo Pohjoisesta (digipack)
Bahrrecht – Nuit De Neige
Bahrrecht – L’aube Glacée
Balance Interruption – Nuclear War for Rescue (restock)
Balfor – Black Serpent Rising
Balrog – The Dark Tower
Barbaryan – Gram-Das Lied von Blut und Eise
Barren Canyon – World Of Wounds
Battle Dagorath – II-Frozen Light Of Eternal Darkness
Battle Dagorath – Abyss Horizons
Beastcraft – Into The Burning Pit Of Hell
Beastcraft – Baptised In Blood And Goatsemen
Beastcraft – Dawn Of The Serpent
Beastcraft – The Nechronology Of Ungodly Beastial Craft 2004-2017
Behemoth – I Loved You At Your Darkest (digibook)
Behemoth – I Loved You At Your Darkest
Beherit – The Oath Of Black Blood
Bekëth Nexëhmü – De Svarta Riterna (restock)
Belzazel – Sword Of Satan
Bereavement – Verses Of Decay
Berzabum – The Compilation To The Infernorum
Besatt – Hellstorm
Besatt – Blasphemous Ritual-Live In Zabrze
Bewitched – Hibernum In Perpetuum-22th Anniversary Celebration
Beyond Helvete – MMXX
Beyond The Grave – Veneration of Corpses
Bezmir – Void
Black Blood Of The Earth – Bleak Light, Fervent Dark
Blackdeath – Satan Macht Frei
Blackdeath – Phantasmhassgorie
Blackhorns – Rise Of The Infernal Sorcery / The Oath
Bilskirnir – In Flames of Purification / Totenheer (restock)
Black Altar – Suicidal Salvation/Emissaries Of The Darkened Call
Black Draugwath – The True Bottomless Armageddon
Black Flux – Hymns Of Cold Halls
Blackhorned Saga – Broken Messiah
Blakulla – An Almighty Sacrifice
Bloodisthin – Dearest Catharsis
Bloodwyrd – Through the Crimson Portal
Blutfahne / Groma Glas – Awakening (jewelcase)
Blutfahne / Norrhem – The Path Of Elite
Blutkult / Feuernacht / Blutaar ?– Terror, Tod & Teufel (restock)
Blutvial ?– Mysteries of Earth
Bog Of The Infidel – To Corrupt Your Sons And Lust After Your Daughters
Bog Of The Infidel – Asleep In The Arms Of Suicide
Boréalys – La ou les Eaux se Séparent
Borgne – [?]
Botanist – Collective: The Shape of He to Come
Botanist / Oskoreien – EP 3: Green Metal / Deterministic Chaos
Bozhevilnyy – Pokynutyy Odynak
Bulturnos / Yersinia Pestis – Split
Brahmastra ?– Montauk Ultra
Branikald – Strun Natyanutykh Vdokhnoven’ya Stal’
Branikald – Strun Natyanutykh Vdokhnoven’ya Stal’ (digipack)
Branstock – Lewwer Duad Üs Slaav
Burial Choir – The Eucharist Of Martyrs
Burzum – Balder’s Dod
Burzum / Uruk-Hai – Unreleased Material 1988-1994
Burzum – Burzum / Aske (restock)
Burzum – Filosofem (restock)
Cadaveric Possession – Sephirothic Desiccation
Cân Bardd – Nature Stays Silent (restock)
Cannibal Corpse – Red Before Black
Carpathian Forest ?– The Fucking Evil Years (restock)
Catenatam Lucem – Shoah
Cave Mouth – The Dark Has Teeth
Celestia – Retrospectra (restock)
Celtefog – Outlands
Ceremonial Worship – Esoteron
Ceremonial Worship / Omenfilth – The Pact of Morbid Conspiracy
Château Noir – Troubadours Of Pestilence
Cenotaph – Empire Of Sin
Chätiment – Sang Des Carpathes
Christ Agony – Darkside
Cień – Fate
Cień – Sickness Called Mankind
Cioran – Bestiale Battito Divino
Circle Of Dawn – Savonian Supremacy
Circle Of Ouroborus – Unituli
Circle Of Salt – Suffer The Cold
Cirith Gorgor – Der Untergang / Pobeda!!!
Clairvoyance – Demo ’20
Code – Live In The Netherlands
Coffinshade – In the Darkness I Shall Dwell
Coldawn – …In The Dawn
Colotyphus – My Nostalgia
Coma. – Phantomschmerz
Concilium – The Oblivion Of Time In The Dim Light
Concilium / Hexitium – Necrose Death Hunger
Countess – The Gospel Of The Horned One
Countess – Into Battle
Crown Of Asteria – Rau?skinna
Crown Of Asteria – Ire of a Bared Fang
Cryfemal – Eterna Oscuridad
Cultist – Chants Of Sublimation
Cursed Coven – Execranda Gentilitas Ibi Veneraretur
Czarnobog – Of Mordovian Occult Blackness
Czarnobog / Ostvind – Sigils Of War..
Czort – Apostoł
Daemon Of Oa – Corridors of Seth
Dämonenblut – Gesänge Des Bösen
Dark Ages – A Chronicle Of The Plague
Dark Ages – Rabble, Whores, Usurers
Dark Desires – Old Evil
Dark Fury – Vae Victis!
Dark Fury – Slavonic Thunder
Dark Fury – This Story Happened Before
Dark Sanctuary – Metal Works
Dark Seal – Země Našich Předků
Dark Seal – Stvoření Světa
Dark Triumph – The Shrine Of 3 Moons…
Darkest Hate Warfront – Satanik Annihilation Kommando
Darkest Hate Warfront – The Aftermath
Darkness / Oltretomba – Horned, Winged And Grim
Dead Christ Cult – Black Lives Don’t Matter At All
Dead Dog’s Howl – Black Circle Transcendency
Dead Souls Rising – Ars Magica
DeathEpoch – Abysmal Invocation
Deathlike Dawn – Deliria and Dreams
Deathlike Silence – Deathlike Silence
Deathvasstator – Nulclear Demo(n) MMXIX
Deleznable – Dejar De Existir
Demogorgon – Demogorgon
Démonos – From Sacred to Profane
Der Stürm – The Blood Calls For W.A.R.
Der Stürm – A Banner Greater Than Death
Der Stürm – Bloodsworn (The First Decade)
Der Stürm – Mors Triumphalis (Demo Collection 1999 – 2017)
Deströyer 666 – Wildfire
Deströyer 666 – Call Of The Wild
Destroyers – Dziewięć Kręgów Zła
Devorator – Po Sledam Zverinogo Besa
Det Gamle – Rex Lucifer
Det Gamle – Rex Lucifer (digipack)
Dhaubgurz – Old Times Of Heathen Forest
Diabolical Fullmoon – The Pagan Wolves Will Rise Again
Dimidium Mei – Devil’s Tales
Dismembered Flesh Mutilation – Necrophiliac Decomposition
Dispyt – Den Ständigt Närvarande Angesten
Dispyt – Under Tiden Jag Salde Min Själ Till Satan
Division Hagal – Operation Niedergang
Division Hagal / Blutkult – Victoria Nobis
Dizziness – 10 Years… of …Fortification
Djinn – Fuck Vessel
Dodheimsgard ?– Kronet Til Konge
Dödfödd – Demo 10
Dodsfall – Svartnatt-Live In Oslo
Domain – Pandemonium
Domain – …From Oblivion…
Domain – Gat Etemmi
Domos – Onset Of A Gelid Eon
Dracones – Son Of The Devil
Drawn Into Descent – Drawn Into Descent
Dreams Of Nature – Spirit Of Nature
Druadan Forest – Paths Of The Dead
Druadan Forest – The Loremasters Time
Druadan Forest – The Loremasters Time (digipack)
Druadan Forest – The Loremasters Time
Druadan Forest ?– The End Of An Era-A Journey To The Unknown
Drudkh – Autumn Aurora (restock)
Drudkh – A Few Lines In Archaic Ukrainian (restock)
Drunemeton – Return To Old Europe
Dysfori – Resan Utan Slut
Dzö-nga – Five Treasures of Snow
Dzö-nga – The Sachem’s Tales
Earth And Pillars – Pillars I
Ebola – III-Tsurumi
Ebola / No Point In Living – Regions Of Depression
Ectoplasma – Cryogenically Revived
Edelweiss – White Flower Power
Egaheer – Signum Satanas
Einsamtod – Einsamkeit
Eldamar ?– The Force Of The Ancient Land (restock)
Elixir Of Distress – Kontynent
Elixir Of Distress – Przeklęta Wyspa
Embrional – Cusp Of Evil
Empire Of Tharaphita – Distant Echoes Through Blood Infinite
Endalok – Úr Draumheimi Vi?urstygg?ar (restock)
Ende – The Rebirth Of I
Ende – Mörnöyr, Bienvenue En Terre Du Diable
Endsieg – Twilight of A Consciousness
Elegiac ?– Father Of Death
Elffor – Malkhedant
Elffor – Malkhedant (digipack)
Elffor – Gloomy Roots Of Doom
Elffor – Dra Sad I & II
Elseetoss – Elseetoss
Ekstsis – Xthonic Pathways
Empheris – The Return of Derelict Gods
Empheris / Death Invoker – Impure Spirits Of Destruction
Encircling Wolves – The Trial Of Traitors
Endoki Forest – Black Sorcerers Fortress
Erupted Evil – Ghoul
Erupted Evil – Teufel
Eskapism – Reminiscence
Eternal Helcaraxe – To Whatever End-Reinforced
Etnom – Refuse Salvation
Ewiger Wald – Von Alten Zeiten…
Evilfeast – Invoking The Ancient (restock)
Evil Sorcery – Death Meditation
Fadheit – Inhaling The Trauma
Famine – Famine
Fiat Noctum – Fran Forna Minnen
Fifth To Infinity – Omnipotent Transdimensional Soulfire
Fjelltrone – Urdabrunnen
Flammersjel – The Halls of Starshining
Foghorn – Le Sang Versé
Forefather – Deep Into Time (restock)
Forefather – The Fighting Man
Forefather – Engla Tocyme
Forefather – Ours Is The Kingdom
Forest – Forest (restock)
Forest – Forest (digipack) (restock)
Forgotten Tomb – Negative Megalomania
Forlor – Towards The End
Forlorn Winds – Apparitions Of The Asgardsreien
Forn Valdyrheim ?– Reminisce Eternity
Frakass – Esprit Européen
Frangar – Vomini Vincere
Frostmoon Eclipse – Worse Weather To Come
Fuil Na Seanchoille – Hunger
Fuil Na Seanchoille – Fuil Na Seanchoille
Fullmoon – United An Evil
Funeral Winds – Essence
Funereus / Satanizer / Winterfullmoon / Genocide Beast – Split
Gargoylium – De Cheminements Et De Batailles (restock)
Gargoylium – Mon Royaume
Gates of Tyrant – Vortex Towards Death
Gehennah – Metal Police
Genocide Kommando – Black Metal Supremacy
Geistaz’ika – Trolddomssejd I Skovens Dybe Kedel (restock)
Genocide Kommando – Black Metal Supremacy
Genuflexión – Apoteosis Fallida
Gévaudan – Viles Contrées
Gherzen – 1881
Gjaldur – Nachtreich
Gjenferdsel – I
Gjenferdsel – Varde
Gloom ?– Rider Of The Last Light
Gloomy Misanthropy – Dark Procession from the Abyss
Glorious Aggressor – Retribution Curse
Goatblood – Adoration Of Blasphemy And War
Goatblood – Veneration Of Armageddon
Goatchrist – Pythagoras
Goats Of Doom / Sarastus – Dawning Ov The God
Goat Kommander – Bestial Torment
Goat Tyrant – Towards The Threshold Of Death
Godcider – Mrakobesje ili Smrt
Godkiller – Burn The White Kingdom
Golden Dawn / Apeiron ?– Split Demo 95
Golden Dawn – Lullaby / Way Of The Sorcerer
Goliard – The Darkest Hour
Gorgon – The Jackal Pact
Gorgon – The Spectral Voices
Gorrenje – Rabenglanz
Graavehlder – Naturmystik I Midsommartid
Grab – Typhus
Grabnebelfürsten – Pro-Depressiva
Gratzug – Mondtore
Gratzug – Der Ewige Bund
Gratzug – Marter
Gratzug – V: Meyster
Gratzug – Gletscherklang
Gratzug / Kalmankantaja – Split
Grav – Mental Illvilja
Grav – Fordarvet Djavelskab
Grav – Projektioner Af Död
Grav – Tomb Of Agony
Grav – Vanda
Grave Desecrator ?– Dust To Lust (restock)
Graveland – Epilogue
Gravelord – I
Graves / Grave Of God – Concilium
Gravkväde – Grav|Aska
Great Vast Forest – Battletales And Songs Of Steel
Grifteskymfning – Bedrövelsens Härd
Grifteskymfning – Svart Materia
Grimah – Intricacies Of Bowed Wisdom
Grimcult – Revelations Of Sinister Flame
Grimwald – Elitarian Shades Of Grimness
Grimnir – Starhemberg
Grób – Mięsożerca
Guerra Total – El Cosmicismo y El Desamparo Existencial de la Humanidad En El Universo, Parte II & III
Gurthang – I Will Not Serve
Gurthang – Ascension
Hadak urA – Monumental Winter
Hadak urA / Akashah – Echoes Of The Heathen’s Call
Hädanfärd – Evil-Minded
Hades Almighty ?– Millenium Nocturne (resock)
Hammer – Rautasiipien Alla
Hammerstorm – The Lonely Wanderer
Hammer Zur Wehr – Wortepanzer
Harm Wulf – Winterpfade
Hatecrime – Voina, Kotoroi Net
Hatefrost – Frozen Land
Hatefrost – In The Kingdom Of Deadly Frost
Hate Them All – Defender of the Black Throne
Hate Them All – Goat Tormentor
Haunted Cenotaph – Nightmares From Beyond
Haunted Cenotaph – Haunted Cenotaph
Haunting Depths – Death’s Sacred Fire
Haxan Dreams – Path Through The Realm
Heathen Hammer – Kinship Destiny
Heathen Hammer – Clandestine Oath
Heathen Hammer – White Spirit-Black Mask
Heathen Hammer – White Spirit-Black Mask (digipack)
Hegemone – We Disappear
Hegemoon / Wartödd – W Majestacie Bluźnierstwa
Hegeroth – Degenerate
Heidenland – Stormvloek: Beschonken, Kwaad En Goddeloos
Heilung – Lifa (Heilung Live At Castlefest) (restock)
Heilung – Ofnir (restock)
Heimdalls Wacht – Der Untergang Der Alten Welt
Hekel – Doodskou
Heldentum – Waffenweihe
Helleruin – War Upon Man
Hell’s Coronation – Morbid Spells
Helvellyn – Woods Of The Forgotten
Herrenvolk – Erwache
Hexenfluch – Aradia
Hiraeth – Ethnocentrism
Hiraeth / Hadak urA – Fatherland Anthems
Hive – Fights The Neighbors
Höggva – You Who Enter Here
Hollentur – Folklore & Tradition
Holy Moses – Terminal Terror
Hor – Exitium
Hor – No Birth Nor End
Hornwood Fell – Hornwood Fell
Hornwood Fell – My Body, My Time
Hordak – War Has Just Begun
Hordak – The Last European Wolves
Horizon… – Don’t Let The Time Pass You By
Horna – Hiidentorni
Horna – Kohti Yhdeksän Nousua
Hromovlad – Ohňa Hlad, Vody Chlad
Hromovlad / Slavigrom – Perperuna
Humus ?– Tout Ce Qui Est Vieux
Huoripukki – Ikuinen kamppailu
Hvosch – Thornsmoat
Idhafels – Ancient Lores, Forgotten…
Idolos – Náa
Igne Crematur – The Last Witch
Ildjarn – Ildjarn
Ildjarn ‎– Strength And Anger (restock)
Ildjarn – Forest Poetry
Ildra – E?elland
Ildra ?– ?a Bisena (2004 – 2008)
Illum Adora – Son Of Dawn
Impenetrable Darkness – Loyalty In Blackness
Impure Declaration – No Paths, No Guide
Impurity / Sabbat – Rage And Horrors
Incinerator / Vile Apparition – Split
Incinerator / Pure Massacre – The Second Death
Incubator – Symphonies Of Spiritual Cannibalism
Incubator – Mc Gillroy The Housefly
Infamous – Of Solitude And Silence
Infamous / Gratzug – Split
Infamous / Gorrenje – Italian-German Black Metal Brotherhood
Infandous – The Wolven Age
Infer – Anti-Human
Infer – Sede Vacante Aeternum
Inferno – V Návratu Pohanství
Infestus – The Reflecting Void
Infestus – Thrypsis
Infidel – III
Intig – Dystymi
Ingvarr – The Hopeless Resistance Of Emberdrin’s Army
In Sins I Roam – Forgotten
Irae – Rites Of Unholy Destruction
Irhmgaar – Let The Devil Play
Ironbird – Pentagrammi & Tursaansydän
Iron Woods – The Journey To The Paganism
Irrlycht / Malcuidant – Unendliches Nychts
Isolert – World in Ruins
Isrike – Wille Zur Macht
Jahve – Still, All Quiet
Jotun – Askvinter
Kaevum – Natur (restock)
Kaevum – Kosmos Erwache (restock)
Kaffaljidhma – I-III
Kalmankantaja – Kuolonsäkeet
Kalmankantaja – Elävältä Haudattu
Kalmankantaja – Ikuinen Taival
Kalmankantaja – Muinainen
Kalmankantaja – Metsäkalmisto
Kalmankantaja – Demo IV / Kylmään Hylätyt
Kalmankantaja – Tuulikannel
Kalmankantaja – Kuoleman Kehtolaulut 2014?-?2017 3CD
Kalmankantaja – Kuoleman Kehtolaulut I
Kalmankantaja – Kuoleman Kehtolaulut II
Kalmankantaja – Kuoleman Kehtolaulut III
Kalmankantaja – Waldeinsamkeit
Katachthon – ??? ?????? ????
Kenaz – Nord Hostile
Khandra ?– There Is No Division Outside Existence
Khashm – Asmodeus Rising
Khaotic – The Antithesis
Khors – Wisdom Of Centuries
Khors – Night Falls Onto The Fronts Of Ours
Khors – Where the Word Acquires Eternity
Kjeld – Banier Fan Frisia
Kjeld – Ôfstân
Knyazhaya Pustyn’ – Vrmena
Korium / Tundra – Dreams Of A Gone Existence
Kozeljnik – Sigil Rust
Krallice – Hyperion
Kreuziger – Der Wald der Gehenkten
Kriegsmaschine ?– Apocalypticists (restock)
Kriegsmaschine ?– Enemy Of Man (restock)
Kriegsmaschine – Deathdriven-Archive 2006-2010
Krigere Wolf – Infinite Cosmic Evocation
Krumkač – Kryvijskaja Dyvizija
Krypta Nicestwa – Krypta Nicestwa
Kult Ofenzivy ?– Tak Jsem Ji Přizval K Sobě
Kuolemajärvi – Kuolemajärvi
Kurgaall – Fidem In Lucifer
Kuutar – Beyond All Light
Kvaen – The Funeral Pyre
Kvele – Long May They Haunt Us
Kvele / Solemne Mortis – Suffocating Presence Of Death
Kvele – Konge
La Ballade Des Rats – Rattus Sapiens
La Ballade Des Rats – Rattus Furax
Lair – Black Moldy Brew
L’Eclat Du Déclin – Ainsi Passe La Gloire Du Monde
Lebensgefahr – Tunes From The Edge
Legion Of Doom – Kingdom Of Endless Darkness
Legion Of Doom – The Summoning Of Shadows
Legion Of Doom – The Horned Made Flesh
Lepra – Whom Aeons Tore Apart
LIK ?– Avgrundspoetens Flamma
Liksminke – Landet Av Frost
Litanie – Ad Absolutam Essentiae
Lord Of Evil – Reh-1992/1994
Lucifugum – Stigma Egoism
Lucifugum ?– Anaphora Lithu Actinism
Luctum – Ashes Of The Titans
Lugubre – Chaoskult (Hymns Of Destruction)
Mactätus – Blot
Mädäntyneen Jumalan Silmä – Musta Myrsky
Mädäntyneen Jumalan Silmä ?– Ihminen Saastaa / Maailma Palaa / Vesi Sataa tuhkille
Magnus – Alcoholic Suicide
Malefica – Sabbath Of Darkness
Maléfice ?– Le Monastere Des Hommes En Noir
Maléfice – Rencontre Avec La Bete
Maléfice – Le Dernier Drapeau
Mallephyr – Womb Of Worms
Malpest ?– One More Reason To Hate Us
Mara – RÖK
Mare Cognitum / Aureole ‎– Resonance: Crimson Void
Marras ?– Where Light Comes To Die
Maquahuitl – Teocalli Of The Sacred War
Maquahuitl – At The Altar Of Mictlampa
Massenhinrichtung – Zakon Zbroi
Massenvernichtung / Reek Of The Unzen Gas Fumes / Via Dolorosa – Tokio Rom Berlin
Mayhem – Grand Declaration Of War
Medebor – Dark Eternal
Mekong Delta – Mekong Delta
Mekong Delta ?– The Music Of Erich Zann
Memoria Vetus ?– Legendy-Ostatnia Noc Atlantydy
Mephir – Storm Of Death
Mesarthim – Planet Nine
Mesarthim – The Degenerate Era
Meslamtaea ?– Niets En Niemendal (restock)
Mgła ?– Mdłości + Further Down The Nest (restock)
Mgła – Excersises In Futility (restock)
Mgła – Groza
Mgła – Age Of Excuse
Miasma – Void Dominion
Miasma – Subversive Throne Of Negativity
Mimorium – Blood Of Qayin
Mjölnir – Hinweg Über Die Tore Der Zeit
Mjölnir – Magnet Vektor-Akt II: Virtuelle Neue Sinfonische Black Metal Oper
Mjölnir – Grabgesang Der Sonne-Midgard, Erwache!
Molat – V Plameni Rassveta
Molbol – V
Moloch Letalis / Death’s Cold Wind – Czarci Skowyt / Apeiron
Moloth – Black March Saga (digipack)
Moloth – Reconquista
Moloth – Teorassologie (restock)
Mondvolland – Kwade Vaart
Monstraat – Scythe & Sceptre
Monte Penumbra – The Black Realm Vigil
Mooncitadel – Onyx Castles And Silver Keys
Moontower – To The Dark Aeon II
Moontower – Unholy Crusade-Praise The Antichrist
Moravská Zima – Zažehnutí ohně nenávisti / Pod praporem vítězství / Rodný kraj
Morbid Stench ?– Doom & Putrefaction
Morbid Winds – The Ruin Of Forgotten Desolation
Morbid Winds – The Black Corridors Of The Abyssal Depths Of Existence Opened Their Gates
Morgenstern – The Golden Chain
Morgon – Black Light Of Liberation
Moriturus – Symbole Czasów Minionych
Mörk Gryning – Hinsides Vrede
Morkt Tre – To The Graves Of The Smoldering Time
Morkt Tre – Necrofolk
Morkt Tre – Zemlya Zabuta Bogom Lyud’mi
Morningstar – Heavy Metal Heretics On Stage
Morsun Diaboli ?– Morsun Diaboli (digipack)
Mother Of The Hydra – Contradiction
Mountains Crave – As We Were When We Were Not
MRTVI – Perpetual Consciousness Nightmare
Muruth – Ubi Concordia, Ibi Victoria MMXX
Mythic Dawn – Hyllningskväden
Myrholt – Med Samme Naal, Under Samme Maane
Myrkgand – Myrkgand
Myrkr – Offspring Of Gathered Foulness
Myrkvid – Demons Are Inside
Mystherium – Zagłada
Mystic Forest – In The End…
Mystification – Return To The Dark Side Of Life
Nadiwrath – Circle Of Pest
Na?ra ?– Allir Vegir Til Glötunar (restock)
Nahash – Nocticula Hecate
Nahash – Wellone Aeternitas
Nathr – Beinahrúga
Nattefrost – Terrorist (Nekronaut Pt.1)
Nattsvargr – Night Of The Crimson Thirst
Nebelgrund – Rauhnachtsträume
Necrocosm – Infinite Darkness
Necromonarchia Daemonum – Death Tunes: We Call The Darkness
Nefarious Dusk – Cold Shadows Over Transylvania
Neige Et Noirceur – Vent Fantôme
Nekkrofukk – Mysterious Rituals In The Abyss Of Sabbath & Eternal Celebration Of The Blakk Goat
Nekrokrist – Neljän Käärmeen Veljeskunta
Nekrokrist / Infamous – Split
Neoheresy – Noc Ktora Dniem Sie Stala
Neoheresy – Potop
Neolith – Igne Natura Renovabitur Integra
Neolith – Primal Sins
Nergal – ?????? ??? – ??? – ???
Neverlur / Sequestered Keep – Under Nordljosets Straalar / Quests in the North
Niedfyr / Necro Forest / 1389 – Hyperborean Battlefields
Nihil Invocation – Strange Ones Voicing Sorrow In My Dreams
Nightwalker – The Witches Sabbath
Nightwalker – Dark Sorcery
Nightwalker / Winterfullmoon / Lord Frimost – Split
Nocturnal Degrade – A.I.D.S.
Nocturnal Fear – Fog Of War
Nocturnal Feelings – Radical Art
Nocturnal Feelings – Baarkant
Nokturnal Mortum – Lunar Poetry (restock)
Nokturnal Mortum – Nechrist (restock)
Nokturnal Mortum – Golos Stali / The Voice Of Steel (restock)
Nokturnal Mortum – Verity (restock)
Noen Hater Oss – Siste Stopp Skjarsilden
Nokturne – Kruelty Kampaign
Nokturne / Noctifer – Wargod Domination
Nordvrede – Hammerprofeti
Nordvrede – Legion Nordvrede
Nordvrede ?– Monument Viktoria
Nordvrede – State Of The Art (digipack)
Nordvrede – Confrontation
Norrhem – Vaienneet Voittajat (superjewelcase)
Norrhem – Koitos
North – Thorns On The Black Rose
North – From The Dark Past
Nortt – Nattetale
Nortt – Doden…
Nuclear Winter – Mortem Et Interitum
NunSlaughter – Radio Damnation
Nurt Ognia – Nurt Ognia
Nyctophilia – Dwelling In The Fullmoon Light
Nyss – Princesse Terre (Three Studies Of Silence And Death)
Ocultan – Bellicus Profanus / Regnus Ad Exus
Odiosior – Odiosior
Odour Of Death ?– In Search Of Eternal Darkness (restock)
Oferwintran – Llyfr Coch Hergest
Ofdrykkja – Irrfärd
Ogmias – 3
Old Coven ?– The Awake Of Ascendant Darkness
Old Silver Key – Tales Of Wanderings
Old Skull – Death Rattle
Old Wainds / Nav’ – We Are The North… Mean Cold War…
Olio Tähtien Takana – Morphogenesis
Ondfodt – Dödsrikets Kallelse
Ophidian Coil – Denial | Will | Becoming
Order Of The Death’s Head – Les Temps Maudits
Order Of The White Hand – Through Woods And Fog
Order Of The White Hand – Korpimaa
Order Of The White Hand – Veren Muisto
Örmagna – Örmagna
Orthodoxy – Shaarimoth
Orfvs – Ceremony of Darkness
Ovader – Wotankult
Över – Facing Transcendence
Pagan Hellfire ‎– At The Resting Depths Eternal (restock)
Pagan Hellfire – Chant Of Forgotten Times
Pale Mist – Through the Labyrinth And Into Connectivity
Pandemonium – Nihilist
Panzerfaust – Grand Nuclear Desolation
Parom – Hromovládca
Parom – Mor Ho!
Paroxysmal Descent – Lacerae
Perkele / Ironbird ?– Pohjola
Permafrost – I Challenge The Light Of God
Perunwit – W Kręgu Dębów
Perunwit – Wszystkie Odcienie Szarości
Pervertum – Creature Of Ungod
Pest – Ad Se Ipsum
Pest – Buried
Peste Noire – Split – Peste Noire (restock)
Peste Umbrarum – Night Canticles Of The Ancient Ana’themae
Physiology of Darkness – Human Circle
Plaag – Ugh!
Plaga – Trąby Zagłady / Pożeracze Słońc (restock)
Plaga – Magia Gwiezdnej Entropii
Plaguehurst – Communionem
Poems Of The Elder – Reawakening of Germanic Spirit
Porta Daimon – Faustologie
Priestermord ?– Die Erben Des Bösen
Profanatism – Hereticon
Profane Congregation – Apocalyptic Visions
Purity Renaissance – Purity Renaissance
Putrid Evil / Distres – Chapel Of Stillborn Messiah
Qui Incenditur – Doctrine Of The Six Regions
Rabor – Korni (restock)
Radon Trench – Gods Of Decimation
Raped Christ – Possessed Whore (restock)
Rahowa – Cult Of The Holy War
Raptus – Antiphilanthropy/Fragments
Ravenmoon Sanctuary – Winter Desolation of Death (restock)
Raventale ?– Planetarium II
Raven Throne – Biaskoncy Snieh Času / Niazhasnaje
Ravnkald – The Pagan Resistance
Reborn – Magna Germania
Recitations – The First Of The Listeners
Reencarnacion – 30 Viajes Al Leteo
Reidh – Children Of Northern Sun
Reidh / Sudentaival – Split
Reign In Blood – Diabolical Katharsis
Reunion – Wolffest
Revenge – Attack.Blood.Revenge
Revenge – Attack.Blood.Revenge (digipack)
Richard Moult – Chamber Music
Richard Moult – Chamber Music Vol. 2
Ritual Lair – Mother Of Misery And All Repugnance (Diabolo Intervale)
Rockarska – Rock Hard For Norden
Rotting Christ – The Heretics
Ruhmreich – Hymnen Des Vaterlandes
Ruhmreich – Goldenes Zeitalter
Sabbat / Lucera – Japanguanos Chocha’s Attack
Sacred Dominions – As They Rode Through The Land Of Our Ancient Pagan Kingdom
Sacred Dominions / Hadak urA – Split
Sacrificia Mortuorum – Railler L’Hymen Des Siecles
Sacrimoon ?– Lost In An Endless Delighted Illusion
Sacrofuck – Ekstaza Upodlenia
Sacrofuck / Enterchrist – Split
Sad – Utter Nihil Worship
Saddayah – Apopheny Of Life
Sadness – Close
Sadness – Fading Days Away…
Sadness – Wounded Solitude
Sadness – Leave
Saltus – Imperium Słońca
Saltus – Triumf
Samgabial – Put’ k Nesushchemu Svet
Sammas’ Equinox – Tulikehrät
Sanctuaire – Le Sang Sur L’Acier
Sanctuaire – Echo 3-Frisson D’Éternité
Sanctuaire – Vestiges Oniriques
Sanctuaire – Spectre De Mondes Passés
Saor – Guardians (restock)
Saor – Guardians
Saor – Guardians (slipcase)
Saor – Aura (restock)
Saor – Aura
Saor – Aura (slipcase)
Saor – Roots (restock)
Saor – Roots
Saor – Roots (slipcase)
Sarg – Totentanz
Sarg – XII-Night Of The Hunt
Sargeist – Satanic Black Devotion
Sargeist – Disciple Of The Heinous Path
Sarghnagel – Munfrin Heidentum
Saturnian Tempel – Krónos
Saule – Saule
Schattenfestung – In Desolate Remains
Seance Of – The Colour of Magick
Seges Findere – Dezzemitize
Seges Findere – Hateful Wargasm
Seges Findere – Warmastered By Deathkorps
Seges Findere ?– Nuklear Terrorsonic Power
Seges Findere / Morbid Desecration – Never Stop The Hate
Sekhmet – Consumed By Void
Se Lusiferin Kannel – Valtakunta
Selbstmord – Spectre of Hate (restock)
Selvans – Lupercalia
Selvans – Faunalia
Semilanceata – Liflose
Sentier Des Morts – Beatus Methodivo (digipack)
Seppä Ilmarinen – Seppä Ilmarinen
Sepulchral Cult – Immurement, Spirits and Graveyard Chants
Serpent’s Order – Watchers Of The Future
Seth – La Morsure Du Christ
Severoth – Vsesvit
Sezarbil – Bleed For The Devil
Shining – IX-Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Ends
Shining – X-Varg Utan Flock
Sic Semper Tyrannis / Dhärnürgh – Split
Siechenheim – German Black Metal
Sieg Oder Tod – Die Hoffnung Stirbt Zuletzt (restock)
Silberbach – Séance Obscure
Silva Nigra – The New Age For The New God
Silva Nigra – Epocha
Silva Nigra / Blodarv – Symbol of Hate / Deamonis
Skyforest – Unity
Skyforest – Harmony
Sinistrous Diabolus – Total Doom / Desecration
Six Dead Bulgarians – Practice Of Personal Use Of Emptiness Or Sensible Games
Sjalekval – Dodsfard
Skendöd – Vanskapt
Slavigrom – Návrat Slovanskej Nenávisti ?/? Kraj Temný
Sojourner – The Shadowed Road
Solium – Urwerk
Sólstafir – Endless Twilight Of Codependent Love
Some Happy Thoughts – Épiphanie
Somnolence ?– Voluspa
Sorcier Des Glaces – Sorcier Des Glaces (restock)
Sorcier Des Glaces – North (restock)
Sorcier Des Glaces – Un Monde De Glace Et De Sang
Sorcier Des Glaces – Ghastly Memories
Sordide – Fuir La Lumiere
Sorgelig – Forever Lost
Sorgelig – Apostate
Sperm Angel ?– Life Is Poison
Spiritwood – The Art Of The Subliminal Wayfaring
Splendor Solis – Via et Vita
Srogość – Umbra Mortis / Nicość (restock)
Saturnal Ascension – Eon Anti-Gnosis Cosmic
Scutum Crux – The Second Sun
Somnolence ?– Voluspa
Standrecht – Nederlands
Stolzblut – An Ode To Our Forefathers
Stonehaven / Hadak urA – Deathcry Along The Don
Stormstone / Vanth – A Prophecy To Come / Chalice Of The Faithless
Summoning – With Doom We Come
Sunwheel – Iron Age Of Strife
SS-18 – Kurukshetra Brahmastra War
SS-18 – Brighter Than A Thousand Suns
Stribog – Tvoje Kraljevstvo Zeleno
Suicide Forest – Indifference
Suicide Forest – Suicide Forest
Sulphurhaze / Omenfilth – Veneration Of Cruel Lus
Sunchariot / Hadak Ura – Sunchariot / Hadak Ura
Surt Ur – Nidhöggr
Svart – Da Allt Upphör
Svartfell – Day Of The Unholy Massacre
Svarthaueg – Drakonsk Magi
Svarthymn – Svarthymn
Svartsyn – Aandens Melankoli (restock)
Svyatogor – Doctor Veritas
Sylvaine – Atoms Aligned, Coming Undone
Szary Wilk ?– Wrath
Szron – Frost Eternal
Šmiercieslau – Blek Metal Tarnada
Taake – Nattestid…
Taakeferd  Nar Sirkelen Brytes
Target – Mission Executed
Target – Master Project Genesis
Tartaros – The Grand Psychotic Castle
Tatkraft – Sic Semper Tyrannis
Tears Of Styrbjorn – The Fallen Einheri
Temple Abattoir – Cacoangelion
Tetelis – La Última Mesnada
Tezcatlipoca – Yaocuauhtli
The Ancient Order – Absorbing The Forsaken Knowledge Of Agartha
The Devil’s Sermon – Nie Ma Boga Nad Diabła
The Devil’s Sermon – Rydwany Ognia
The Ember, The Ash – Consciousness Torn From The Void
The Howling Void – Runa
The Howling Void – The Darkness At The Edge Of Dawn
Thergothon – Stream From The Heavens
Thesyre – Shift
Theudho – De Roep Van Het Woud
Through The Spatial Dimensions – Through The Spatial Dimensions
Throneum ‎– Old Death’s Lair
Thoth – From The Abyss Of Dungeons Of Darkness
Thunderkraft – Totentanz
Thundra – Ignored By Fear
Thurthul – Fury Of Ancient Race
Tiil Sum – I Nie Ma Śmierci, I Sen Jest Tylko…
Todesmarsch – We’re Planning Your Fall
Todesweihe – The Black Mass
Todesweihe – Book Of The Dead
Todesweihe – Rites Of Infernal Alchemy
Todeszone – Todeszone
Tod Huetet Uebel – Malícia
Torc – Tóny Annwnu
Torc – Vzpomínky Na Slunce
Totale Vernichtung – Die Rückkehr Des Schwarzen Todes
Totenburg – Winterschlacht
Totenburg – Pestpogrom
Totenburg – Art und Kampf
Totenburg – Mit Uns Das Blut-Der Tod Mit Euch
Totenburg – Endzeit
Totenburg – Endzeit (restock)
Totenburg – Sturm Des Krieges
Totenburg – Jenseits Des Grabes
Tower – Trilogy
Tower – Uriel
Trasig – Jammer Og Nod
Traurigkeit – Far Away From The Painless Life
Trifixion – The First And Last Commandment
Trollech – V Rachotu Hromů
Trollech – Jasmuz
Trollech – Ve Hvozdech & Synové Lesů
Trollech – Vnitřní Tma
Trollech – Každý Strom Má Svůj Stín
Trübnis – Schattenverse
Trup – Ecce Satanas
Tsjuder – Throne Of The Goat
Tsjuder – Kill For Satan
Tsjuder – Demonic Possession
Tsjuder – Desert Northern Hell
Tsjuder – Legion Helvete
Tsjuder – Antiliv
Tuman – Zuhanás
Tyhjä – Tyhjä
Tyhjä – Tästä Kuolevasta Maailmasta
Ulvdalir – Cold Breath Of Apocalypse
Unmensch – Scorn
Unreqvited – Stars Wept To The Sea
Unterwald – Nos Anciens Rituels
Upon the Altar – Absid ab Ordine Luminis
Urfeind – ?urisablo?a
Urrnil – Quest Of The Silvern Stallion
Useless ‎– Downfall
Utmarken – Utmarken
Uuntar – Voorvaderverering
Two Runes – Herää Eurooppa!
Ulcer – Dead Souls Cathedral
Ulvegr – Isblod
Ulven – Death Rites Upon A Winged Crusade
Waeltaja – A Gathering In The Woods
Waeltaja – The Cold Journey
Waeltaja – From Forgotten Paths
Waeltaja – Return To Solitude
Waeltaja – WLTJ
Walküre – Walküre
Warfire – Heralds Of Eternal Order
Wargoatcult – The Wargonaut
Wargoatcult – Plvs Vltra
Wargrinder – The Seal Of Genocide
Waroath – Infernal Tortures Hordes
Waroath / Czarna Trumna / Cthulhu Rites – Black Oath Rites
Wartödd – Pagan Pride / Jaskiń Pustki Zew
Wederganger – Gelderse Drek
Wehrhammer – Der Weg
Wehrhammer – Banner Des Blutes / Für Den Sieg
Wehrhammer – Fürchtet Euch Vor Seinem Zorn… Sonst Werdet Ihr Ihn Ernten
Wehrwolf – Dawnbringer
Wel – …From Where Night Comes…
Weltschmerz – Odium Humani Generis
Werwolf / In Morte Sumus – Malleus Maleficarum
Whalesong – Disorder
Whisper of Runes – Crystal Knight (restock)
White Ward ‎– Illusions (restock)
Wihinei Rita / Soleil Noir – Hijos del mismo Sol / Fils d’un meme Soleil
Windfaerer – Alma
Winged – Blasphemies From The Arcane Past
Wintaar – Northernmight
Wintaar – Into Darkness We Return
Winter Blackness – De Sepulcris Venit Lunarem
Winter’s Breath – Graveyard Symphonies
Winterfullmoon – Death Eternal
Wintermoon – Heartfire
WitchBurn – The Roots Of Darkness And Evil
Witchfuck – Disgusting Rock’n’roll
Witch Head Nebula – Krzyki Z Próżni
Wode – Servants Of The Countercosmos
Wodulf – Wargus Esto (restock)
Wodulf – …From The Corpsegates
Wodulf – Zerezat
Wodulf – Venom From The Mouth Of The Dead
Wolvencrown – Of Bark And Ash
Wolfenburg – Wolfenburg
Wolfenburg – Imperium Wilków (restock)
Wolfsburg – Ein Verlorener, Vergessener, Grausamer Werwolf
Wolfsgrey – Transylvanian Plaguespreader Committee
Wolfstyrann – Finstarlant
Wolves Eyes / Heidentor – Liberation / Rebirth
Woodtemple – Feel The Anger Of The Wind
Woodtemple – The Call From The Pagan Woods
Woodtemple – Voices Of Pagan Mountains
Wrang – Domstad Swart Metael
Wrok – De Onheilsbode
Vandød – Vandød
Vardan / Triebtat – Split
Varzoroth ?– Demo I
Vassago / Antichrist – Hail War!
VHS / Abhorrent Funeral – Horrific Homages
Veles Court – Fields of Nephilim
Velório / Irae – Deceiver’s Light
Verflucht – Verflucht
Verval – Wederkeer
Via Dolorosa – From Where I Come
Vicarivs Filii Dei – Non Cogitant Sed Tamen Sunt
Vicarivs Filii Dei – Intra Ecclesiam Salus Non Est
Vindkast – Archaic Collapse
Vinterstille – Gottes Fluach
Vintlechkeit – Vinteren inn Svartfjellet?.?.?. / Dodssted??.???.??.
Vltor – Odi
Volc Vermaledide – Nietig
Vonülfsrëich – Northern Shamanism
Voronda – Blood & Sorcery / Reclaiming the Sign
Vordr – Vordr
Vosegus – Terre Ancestrale
Vritra – Suppliciter Exoro Te
V/A – Svensk Ari Black Metal
V/A – Unholy Forces Comp #1
Xarzebaal – III
Xenophobia / Dreadmoon – Split
Xzalthu – Xzalthu
Ygg – Ygg (restock)
Ygg – The Last Scald (restock)
Zaklon – Usled Zmërzlamu Sontsu (restock)
Zaklon – Viatry Karačunavaj Nočy (restock)
Zaklon – Nikoli… (restock)
Zalmoxis – A Nocturnal Emanation
Zgard – Spirit of Carpathian Sunset (restock)
Zloslut – Sahar
Zarevo – Vspolokhi Nochi
Zofos – Erevothen




At this special time of solstice, the time of the shortest night in the year, we proudly present our new releases:

Excellent Atmospheric Black Metal from Poland. Debut album of this new project, created by members of Old Leshy and ex-Kataxu. Co-release with Wolfspell Records.

Great Pure Polish Black Metal in the vein of the old glorious way… Debut album.

Slavonic Heathen Black Metal. 4-way split under the banner of Polish-Belarusian brotherhood.

Cosmic Avantgarde Atmospheric Black Metal from Poland. Long awaited second album.

Militant, raw and aggressive Black Metal from Netherlands. New minialbum, released as 6p digipack.

Let us leave modern men to their “truths” and let us only be concerned about one thing: to keep standing amid a world of ruins. 

Out today, 11 of June:

A Triumph – Forging An Iron Will  CD

W.A.R. Black Metal from Slovakia. CD edition of compilation tape from 2009, gathering all recordings of this forgotten horde. Digipack.


Ordo Sanguinis Noctis / Cmentarny Zew / Sit Finis Hominum – Wyzyny Siedmiu Samotnosci   CD

Raw, underground Black/Dark Metal from Poland. 3-way split CD limited to 500 copies.

Last month was very busy for us, and brought several new releases. We decided to make summary of entire month, in case You missed something!

10 III
Great Black Metal from Norway. Seven years after debut album, second full lenght release is finally ready. Almost an hour of raw Black Metal
dedicated to heritage and fatherland. CD jewelcase.


20 III
Concept folk/acoustic split release dedicated to folklore, tradition and rural life.

Heathen Black Metal from Slovakia. New album finally available.


31 III
PRIPEGAL – “Na Ostatnim Szlaku” CD
Epic Slavonic Black Metal from Poland. New album, 13 years after last release, finally available! 7 anthems dedicated to Gods and Slavic Traditions. CD digipack.

CONCUBIA NOCTE – “Concubia Nocte” CD
Slavonic Black Metal from Slovakia. Collectional release, including completely new premiere EP “Mohyly”, and additionally remastered album “Sekerou Peruna…” as well as tracks from split with Aeon Winds, and tribute release to Wolkogniv… CD digipack with booklet.

We proudly inform, that new album of ELITISM – “Requiem Pour Une Race Mourante” is out now!

Almost 40 minutes of radical Black Metal Crime Art, released as killer 8p digipack with insert, limited to 500 copies only. Co-release of Werewolf Promotion & Honour and Hate Productions.


According to Tradition, 5123 years ago, 18 February – started by Kurukshetra War – Kali Yuga has begun. Entering the another year of the Iron Age, we proudly present our new releases!

AUKELS – “Raynkaym”  CD
Great Atmospheric Black Metal from Poland.
New project created by W. (Stworz, Wędrujący Wiatr, Kres and more) related to anti-urban philosophy, nature and Warmia region.  Debut album released as CD jewelcase.

GOLFARON – “Odwieczna Pieśń Lasu”  CD
Slavonic Heathen Black Metal from Poland.
Compilation of both, old releases of this forgotten project created by members of Old Leshy, Sunwheel, 1920, Sirion and more. CD jewelcase, co-released with Stronghold Clothes and Music

All already available at our shop.

With first day of 2021 a.y.p.s. – we proudly present our new releases!


Great Pagan Black Metal from Poland, first full lenght album in history. DigiCD limited to 500 copies.

Merge of raw metal music with ethnic tunes, Slavic voices and Polish poetry created album which is vivid reminiscence of heathen culture from Slavic lands from the pre-christian times, and which reaches to the sole roots of Slavic identity. Album mixed and mastered by Haldor Grunberg, with guest appearance of “Drewno” group members, performing traditional “white voice” singing technique. The lyrics on the album come from Polish poets and writers such as Tadeusz Miciński, Kazimiera “Iłła” Iłłakowiczówna, Ryszard Danecki, Janka Kupała (Iwan Łucewicz) or Szakalis.


Great Atmospheric/Folk Black Metal from Australia. Debut album, released as digipack and limited to 500 copies.

“Rising from the ancestral memories of the minds behind Sylan Awe, Vaiya & Encircling Sea, Càirdeas Fala is a testament to the maternal lineage of two proud Scottish descendants. Driven by the history and love of a proud land, Càirdeas Fala share spirited stories of their motherland, their ancestry and its wars for freedom. ‘Sons of the North’ is a passionate display of heritage, history and hope.”


Great Atmospheric Black Metal from Russia. New album, released as digipack and limited to 500 copies.

“The album “Svyatogor” is inspired by the image of the ancient Slavic hero-giant, hero from pre-christian times, and to this day almost nothing is known about him. He lives in the mountains and his strength is so great that the earth collapses under him. This album is not a retelling of epic or accurate history. It is an attempt to transport us through music to a time of which we know nothing. This music is the voice of a mighty giant through the ages. The last hero of his time frozen in stone!”