Let us leave modern men to their “truths” and let us only be concerned about one thing: to keep standing amid a world of ruins. 

Out today, 11 of June:

A Triumph – Forging An Iron Will  CD

W.A.R. Black Metal from Slovakia. CD edition of compilation tape from 2009, gathering all recordings of this forgotten horde. Digipack.


Ordo Sanguinis Noctis / Cmentarny Zew / Sit Finis Hominum – Wyzyny Siedmiu Samotnosci   CD

Raw, underground Black/Dark Metal from Poland. 3-way split CD limited to 500 copies.

Last month was very busy for us, and brought several new releases. We decided to make summary of entire month, in case You missed something!

10 III
Great Black Metal from Norway. Seven years after debut album, second full lenght release is finally ready. Almost an hour of raw Black Metal
dedicated to heritage and fatherland. CD jewelcase.


20 III
Concept folk/acoustic split release dedicated to folklore, tradition and rural life.

Heathen Black Metal from Slovakia. New album finally available.


31 III
PRIPEGAL – “Na Ostatnim Szlaku” CD
Epic Slavonic Black Metal from Poland. New album, 13 years after last release, finally available! 7 anthems dedicated to Gods and Slavic Traditions. CD digipack.

CONCUBIA NOCTE – “Concubia Nocte” CD
Slavonic Black Metal from Slovakia. Collectional release, including completely new premiere EP “Mohyly”, and additionally remastered album “Sekerou Peruna…” as well as tracks from split with Aeon Winds, and tribute release to Wolkogniv… CD digipack with booklet.

We proudly inform, that new album of ELITISM – “Requiem Pour Une Race Mourante” is out now!

Almost 40 minutes of radical Black Metal Crime Art, released as killer 8p digipack with insert, limited to 500 copies only. Co-release of Werewolf Promotion & Honour and Hate Productions.


According to Tradition, 5123 years ago, 18 February – started by Kurukshetra War – Kali Yuga has begun. Entering the another year of the Iron Age, we proudly present our new releases!

AUKELS – “Raynkaym”  CD
Great Atmospheric Black Metal from Poland.
New project created by W. (Stworz, Wędrujący Wiatr, Kres and more) related to anti-urban philosophy, nature and Warmia region.  Debut album released as CD jewelcase.
sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qgb6IG0pwXE

GOLFARON – “Odwieczna Pieśń Lasu”  CD
Slavonic Heathen Black Metal from Poland.
Compilation of both, old releases of this forgotten project created by members of Old Leshy, Sunwheel, 1920, Sirion and more. CD jewelcase, co-released with Stronghold Clothes and Music
sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Ty-C7boFSs

All already available at our shop.

With first day of 2021 a.y.p.s. – we proudly present our new releases!


Great Pagan Black Metal from Poland, first full lenght album in history. DigiCD limited to 500 copies.

Merge of raw metal music with ethnic tunes, Slavic voices and Polish poetry created album which is vivid reminiscence of heathen culture from Slavic lands from the pre-christian times, and which reaches to the sole roots of Slavic identity. Album mixed and mastered by Haldor Grunberg, with guest appearance of “Drewno” group members, performing traditional “white voice” singing technique. The lyrics on the album come from Polish poets and writers such as Tadeusz Miciński, Kazimiera “Iłła” Iłłakowiczówna, Ryszard Danecki, Janka Kupała (Iwan Łucewicz) or Szakalis.


Great Atmospheric/Folk Black Metal from Australia. Debut album, released as digipack and limited to 500 copies.

“Rising from the ancestral memories of the minds behind Sylan Awe, Vaiya & Encircling Sea, Càirdeas Fala is a testament to the maternal lineage of two proud Scottish descendants. Driven by the history and love of a proud land, Càirdeas Fala share spirited stories of their motherland, their ancestry and its wars for freedom. ‘Sons of the North’ is a passionate display of heritage, history and hope.”


Great Atmospheric Black Metal from Russia. New album, released as digipack and limited to 500 copies.

“The album “Svyatogor” is inspired by the image of the ancient Slavic hero-giant, hero from pre-christian times, and to this day almost nothing is known about him. He lives in the mountains and his strength is so great that the earth collapses under him. This album is not a retelling of epic or accurate history. It is an attempt to transport us through music to a time of which we know nothing. This music is the voice of a mighty giant through the ages. The last hero of his time frozen in stone!”



ZMORA – “Widma Nocy”  Tape Wooden Box

During the last night of the decade, we proudly present the final release of the cursed 2020 year!

Excellent morbid, deathworshipping Black Metal from Poland.
Wooden box containing the entire trilogy – “Nocy czerń, nocy chłód, “W głębinach nocy niepojętej” and “Najczarniejsza z nocy” minialbums, released as three pro-tapes.
Also including lyrics insert, sticker and button. Box is hand-painted and hand-burnt with pyrography technic.
Limited to 66 copies.
More photos and order:  http://bityl.pl/ralmG

At the time of Winter Solstice, when the day is shortest and the night is darkest, we proudly announce our new releases!

Great Black Metal from Poland. Compilation CD including early recordings of the horde – “Storming The House of God”, “Devil’s Incarnation” and unreleased track “Popioły”. CD jewelcase limited to 666 copies.

Atmospheric Black Metal from Slovakia. Live album with tracks recorded during years 2014-2019. Digipack.

Great, aggressive Black Metal from Estonia. Album originally recorded in 2010, remaining unreleased on CD format until now. Digipack.

Slavonic War Metal from Poland. Debut full lenght album from 1997 finally available on CD format.

Epic Black Metal from United Kingdom. New album after five years of silence.


Also, we re-stocked few sold out patches and buttons. All available through our shop.





Polish Pagan Black Metal veterans –  Pagan Forest – signs to Werewolf Promotion. Full lenght album “Bogu” will be released in few weeks on CD digipack format – promotional track “Hymn do Swaroga” is available now through label’s YT channel. Album was mixed and mastered by Haldor Grunberg, and design was created by Kuba Sokólski.

After many dormant years band returns with an album which draws from the core of Slavic cultural heritage to pay tribute to forgotten spirits, rites and ancient gods of eternal force of nature. To recall the atmosphere of the ancient times band joined forces with the “Drewno” singers who, using the white voice singing technique, perform historical folk pieces from Belarus, Ukraine, Russia and Balkans in their natural, authentic form, giving the album its unique flavor.
The lyrics on the album come from Polish poets and writers such as Tadeusz Miciński, Kazimiera “Iłła” Iłłakowiczówna, Ryszard Danecki, Janka Kupała (Iwan Łucewicz) or Szakalis.
This merge of raw metal music and ethical tunes, Slavic voices and Polish poetry inspired by local folklore has given birth to an album as intriguing as the themes it touches upon.
“Bogu” is a vivid reminiscence of pagan culture flourishing across lands where Slavic tribes lived from the pre-Christian times: sinister darkness of forests, unshakeable majesty of mountains, somber immensity of sea depths and constant dance of sun and moon, cool breeze of storms and flaring ember of bonfire, and all of that veiled by mysterious mist of old rites and beliefs. Here is the album, embedded in the oldest folk traditions from Poland and neighboring countries, which reaches to the sole roots of our national identity.