01.01. – Pagan Forest, Devilgroth and Cairdeas Fala albums out now!

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With first day of 2021 a.y.p.s. – we proudly present our new releases!


Great Pagan Black Metal from Poland, first full lenght album in history. DigiCD limited to 500 copies.

Merge of raw metal music with ethnic tunes, Slavic voices and Polish poetry created album which is vivid reminiscence of heathen culture from Slavic lands from the pre-christian times, and which reaches to the sole roots of Slavic identity. Album mixed and mastered by Haldor Grunberg, with guest appearance of “Drewno” group members, performing traditional “white voice” singing technique. The lyrics on the album come from Polish poets and writers such as Tadeusz Miciński, Kazimiera “Iłła” Iłłakowiczówna, Ryszard Danecki, Janka Kupała (Iwan Łucewicz) or Szakalis.


Great Atmospheric/Folk Black Metal from Australia. Debut album, released as digipack and limited to 500 copies.

“Rising from the ancestral memories of the minds behind Sylan Awe, Vaiya & Encircling Sea, Càirdeas Fala is a testament to the maternal lineage of two proud Scottish descendants. Driven by the history and love of a proud land, Càirdeas Fala share spirited stories of their motherland, their ancestry and its wars for freedom. ‘Sons of the North’ is a passionate display of heritage, history and hope.”


Great Atmospheric Black Metal from Russia. New album, released as digipack and limited to 500 copies.

“The album “Svyatogor” is inspired by the image of the ancient Slavic hero-giant, hero from pre-christian times, and to this day almost nothing is known about him. He lives in the mountains and his strength is so great that the earth collapses under him. This album is not a retelling of epic or accurate history. It is an attempt to transport us through music to a time of which we know nothing. This music is the voice of a mighty giant through the ages. The last hero of his time frozen in stone!”



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